• The World Cup for Brazilians in Melbourne

    Denise Frizzo     |      June 23, 2014

    The World Cup in Brazil is well under way, with the Brazilian team making it through to quarter-finals. Denise Frizzo shares how she and her fellow Brazilians are following the excitement from Melbourne.

  • Brazilians versus the World Cup 2014

    Denise Frizzo     |      February 14, 2014

    The FIFA World Cup, the international football tournament, will take place in Brazil this June. Denise Frizzo explains why many of her fellow Brazilians oppose the event.

  • How Australian Universities differ to those in Brazil

    Denise Frizzo     |      October 7, 2013

    International students have many things they need to adapt to when studying in Australia. Denise Frizzo, Brazilian PhD candidate at Swinburne University, shares how the Australian system has a different sense of responsibility placed on students.

  • Travelling in Australia: a Brazilian view

    Denise Frizzo     |      January 26, 2013

    Brazilian Denise Frizzo talks about her newly found home in Australia, exploring the diverse landscape and adapting to life down under.

    Living in Melbourne for just six months, my husband Cristiano and I planned a six-day car trip with my family to Adelaide, South Australia. My parents came from Brazil in August 2012 to spend four weeks in Aussie land. We are from Rio Grande do Sul, South Brazil, where the culture holds similarities to Australia such as its taste for barbecues and wine.

    The trip was a good opportunity to try some Australian wine at Barossa Valley. Also, we had a chance to explore the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians National Park. Our first stop was in Princetown near the Twelve Apostles, which is, in my opinion the most impressive landmark in Victoria. It is amazing to see how strong the nature is in forming pillars through erosion up to 45 metres high.