• 50 years of strata title in NSW

    Des Mooney     |      December 29, 2011

    Strata and community schemes have come a long way since the first scheme was registered 50 years ago. Des Mooney looks at ideas to help shape the next 50 years.

    2011 marks the 50th anniversary of strata legislation in NSW. That makes it a good time to think about what might happen in the next 50 years and whether our current strata and community scheme laws will remain relevant.

    Strata Plan No 3 at HurstvilleLPI administers the state’s land title system and registers strata and community plans. When the first strata Act was introduced it gave unit owners a secure form of ownership for their asset. The original strata subdivisions were relatively simple, involving the division of a vertical apartment block into lots, with the rest of the building being common property.