• The ethical new normal

    Hugh Breakey     |      December 30, 2021

    Our lives have changed in unprecedented ways over the last two years of pandemic restrictions, challenging us to think differently about the power of government, science and what we owe each other.

  • Conspiracy theories and cancel culture

    Hugh Breakey     |      January 2, 2021

    A poisonous pincer movement of bizarre conspiracy theories from the right and stultifying cancel culture from the left are threatening liberal democracy.

  • Is cancel culture stifling open debate?

    Hugh Breakey     |      July 12, 2020

    150 high-profile authors, commentators and scholars have signed an open letter in Harper’s magazine claiming that “open debate and toleration of differences” are under attack.by a new ‘cancel culture’ dominated by dogma, coercion and ideological conformity.