• Foul play?

    Jack Anderson     |      December 30, 2019

    Sports bodies are keen to trumpet their viewership and revenue, but Australian teenagers are among the least active in the world. At a time when off-field controversies are dominating, how strong is the social license of our sporting bodies?

  • Rugby Australia vs Israel Folau

    Jack Anderson     |      May 2, 2019

    A hearing on Wallabies star Israel Folau’s alleged breach of contract over his social media posts is set to pit Rugby Australia’s code of conduct against issues of fairness and even human rights.

  • When sports chatter becomes social commentary

    Jack Anderson     |      January 6, 2019

    From cheating on the cricket pitch to violence on the field and at home, 2018 reminded us how sport can be a prism through which society can view uncomfortable social issues in a fresh light.

  • We can do better than win at all costs

    Jack Anderson     |      October 31, 2018

    The ‘withering’ findings in the review of Cricket Australia’s culture and governance in the wake of the Test team’s ball tampering scandal have implications for all Australian sports.