• Influence for hire in the Asia-Pacific

    Jake Wallis     |      August 12, 2021

    Social media platforms across the region are being exploited by anti-democratic forces to spread disinformation and undermine support for freely elected governments and democracy itself.

  • China’s propaganda war

    Jake Wallis     |      April 6, 2021

    The Chinese Communist Party is launching increasingly bold and sophisticated information operations in an attempt to shape international perceptions of its treatment of religious and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.

  • China’s twitter war against the West

    Jake Wallis     |      June 14, 2020

    The Chinese government deploys propaganda and disinformation against the West to pursue its strategic goals, and Twitter has become a major battleground.

  • Russia and China’s different tacks on information warfare

    Jake Wallis     |      September 30, 2019

    Both Russia and China use social media and propaganda to subvert democratic nations, but they go about their task in different ways.

  • Twitter and Facebook counter China’s information onslaught

    Jake Wallis     |      August 22, 2019

    The bans on Chinese propaganda accounts by Twitter and Facebook highlights how the Chinese government uses media power to shape the narrative and project its own interests.

  • Terror on Twitter

    Jake Wallis     |      October 2, 2013

    Social media, especially Twitter and YouTube, are providing terrorists with the platform to broadcast their violent acts globally. Charles Sturt University lecturer and researcher Jake Wallis explains how new media is being used to spread the word.