• Spring into summer with winter swimming

    Jasmin Forsyth     |      August 5, 2015

    More young lives are still lost each year to drowning than any other accidental tragedy. Jasmin Forsyth from Swim Australia says this is why it’s important to keep up water skills, no matter the time of year.

  • Swimming, sport and all that Jaz

    Jasmin Forsyth     |      July 16, 2014

    Regardless of the level you reach in any sport, the life lessons and skills developed are invaluable. Jaz Forsyth from Swim Australia looks back on her own career as a competitive swimmer cut short.

  • Should we really ban backyard pools?

    Jasmin Forsyth     |      January 23, 2014

    Recently there have been calls to ban backyard swimming pools to reduce drowning deaths. Jasmin Forsyth from Swim Australia says this is not only unrealistic, but also irresponsible.

  • Importance of swimming for children

    Jasmin Forsyth     |      June 17, 2013

    Being confident in and around water from an early age is an important part of growing up in Australia. Jasmin Forsyth from Swim Australia urges all Australians not only to swim, but to swim well.