• The re-election of Donald Trump

    Jason Beale     |      November 3, 2020

    The polls seem to suggest that Joe Biden will defeat Donald Trump in the Presidential election, but despite the turmoil of recent months, a strong case can still be made for a Trump second term.

  • The barbarians inside the gates

    Jason Beale     |      July 2, 2020

    Urban protests against the death of George Floyd in the USA have metastasized into a wider assault against western culture and history, with figures from Winston Churchill to Captain James Cook feeling protestors’ ill-informed wrath.

  • Trump stands firm in a time of crisis

    Jason Beale     |      June 4, 2020

    Well-meaning protestors, violent activists, lawless criminal gangs, and opportunistic looters have taken to the streets of American cities, but Donald Trump’s firm response is enraging the media.