• Make it happen: Put a Full Stop to sexual assault and domestic violence

    Karen Willis     |      March 6, 2015

    This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is "Make it happen". Karen Willis says it’s a timely occasion for launching the Full Stop Foundation, an initiative of Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia.

  • Sexual assault does not happen in a vacuum

    Karen Willis     |      June 26, 2013

    After Jill Meagher's rape and murder there have been suggestions that the justice system is failing victims of sexual assault. Karen Willis, Executive Officer of NSW Rape Crisis Centre, says we need to change the attitudes that create the culture in which sexual assault occurs.

  • It’s time to hold the offender responsible

    Karen Willis     |      May 7, 2013

    Instead of passing all responsibility to women in telling them how to avoid sexual assault we should make it clearer that the offender is the only one to blame, says Karen Willis, Executive Officer of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre.