• How they rip you off online

    Katharine Kemp     |      June 14, 2022

    Online shopping for products and services is convenient but all too often consumers are manipulated into spending more than they want and get less than they wanted.

  • Tough new rules promised for tech privacy

    Katharine Kemp     |      October 29, 2021

    A proposed online privacy code would give consumers more control over how tech companies collect and use their data.

  • One simple rule to protect consumer privacy

    Katharine Kemp     |      August 18, 2021

    No major online marketplace in Australia respects the privacy of consumers. Letting customers opt out of data tracking would be a good start.

  • American law makers take a swing at “big tech”

    Katharine Kemp     |      June 17, 2021

    Five antitrust laws proposed in the United States aim to aggressively rein in the market power of “big tech” companies and change the way they do business.

  • Scroogled

    Katharine Kemp     |      April 17, 2021

    The current review of the Federal Privacy Act could be the beginning of a process to obtain fairer privacy practices for consumers, but any reforms from this review will be a long time coming.

  • The USA v Google

    Katharine Kemp     |      October 24, 2020

    The US Department of Justice claims Google is illegally monopolising the markets for online search and search advertising in the biggest monopoly case since the 1998 lawsuit against Microsoft, but the legal action may take several years to reach any conclusion.

  • The Digital Platforms Inquiry gets a lukewarm government response

    Katharine Kemp     |      December 15, 2019

    The ACCC’s inquiry was launched to address concerns about the market power of major digital platforms, such as Google and Facebook, and their impact on Australia’s businesses and media.

  • Taking back our online privacy

    Katharine Kemp     |      August 21, 2019

    An entire industry exists to profile your life from your online data – everything from your shopping habits to your political views and medical conditions – and the results can cause genuine harm.

  • The ACCC wants to curb digital platform power – but enforcement will be tricky

    Katharine Kemp     |      December 14, 2018

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says we need new laws to monitor and curb the power wielded by Google, Facebook and other powerful digital platforms.