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    Keith.Besgrove     |      August 16, 2011

    As chair of the Global Access Partners taskforce on Cloud Computing Keith Besgrove delivered the following address at the GAP Workshop on Friday 24 June 2011 outlining the objectives of the event.

    The reason we’re here today is to test the importance of some of the findings of the Cloud Computing task force and see if there is genuine interest in taking some of those issues further.

    First of all, the task force, unsurprisingly, found that cloud was an important development. It clearly has the potential, at least, to achieve significant reductions in the cost and the speed of operation of a range of communications and computing systems. It also clearly has the potential to let people scale up and scale down applications quite quickly, which means that it offers all sorts of opportunities for flexibility and innovation.

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    Keith.Besgrove     |      October 3, 2008

    Governments should be concerned about ensuring that there are consumer protections around privacy, around fraud, and around measures to give consumers confidence.