• Oh, for the love of humanities

    Leila Maugeri     |      July 28, 2020

    Both students and employers need a balance of STEM and HASS, and Government, educational institutions and industry need to work together to inspire individuals to not only access, but explore all of the opportunities education can offer.

  • From fight to fiesta

    Leila Maugeri     |      October 24, 2019

    Leila Maugeri describes her love for Spain, from the passion of the Catalan fight for autonomy to the high jinks of “La Tomatina”.

  • Learning about the world – and myself – on my Milan adventure

    Leila Maugeri     |      April 18, 2018

    Sydney student Leila Maugeri champions the virtues of studying abroad – and learning about yourself in the process.