• The Russia problem

    Mark Edele     |      February 23, 2023

    Russia’s ‘all-out military aggression against Ukraine’ is the latest escalation in Russia’s long, clandestine war with the West and must be confronted on the battlefield, writes Keir Giles in his new book “Russia’s War on Everybody and What It Means for You”.

  • What history can really teach us

    Mark Edele     |      June 9, 2019

    History is too intricate to teach simple lessons, but knowing your history is key to understanding the complexities of the present.

  • No laughing matter: “The Death of Stalin” highlights Putin’s anxieties

    Mark Edele     |      April 14, 2018

    Armando Ianucci’s dark comedy The Death of Stalin has caused controversy in Russia, but the official ban on the film reveals how much Vladimir Putin fears losing his iron grip on power.