• China’s wine dumping ‘investigation’ shows Australian businesses must plan for Chinese coercion

    Michael Shoebridge     |      August 21, 2020

    Australian companies are getting the point—trade with China is hostage to the actions of the ruling Chinese Communist Party regardless of consumer desires or business partnerships formed over decades.

  • China is busy making enemies

    Michael Shoebridge     |      July 12, 2020

    From the warm waters of the South China Sea, to the snows of the Himalayas and the streets of Hong Kong, China’s relentless bullying of its neighbours is turning the international community against it.

  • Walking the walk

    Michael Shoebridge     |      July 2, 2020

    The new force structure plan sets a clear direction for Australia’s military that engages with the new world we are living in. It positions Australia to resist coercion and deter conflict but now the hard work of implementation must begin.

  • A new partnership could revitalise our universities

    Michael Shoebridge     |      June 20, 2020

    The time is right for a new discussion between the government and universities on the future of the sector to re-establish the centrality of our universities for Australia’s wellbeing, prosperity and security.

  • China’s belt and road shouldn’t start in Victoria

    Michael Shoebridge     |      June 8, 2020

    If the national cabinet has a purpose beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, it could act to force a cohesive and united national policy on China, and that should start with reconsidering Victoria’s deal.

  • The protests can show the power of democracy

    Michael Shoebridge     |      June 5, 2020

    At a time when authoritarian China is brutalising protesters in Hong Hong, the US must not create a mirror image of repression in how it handles the volatile situation in its cities.

  • Where’s the beef?

    Michael Shoebridge     |      May 18, 2020

    Business interests are calling for Australia to surrender its values and independence to appease China’s communist dictatorship and preserve their personal profits, but that’s a price too high to pay for beer and barley.

  • We need an international inquiry into COVID-19

    Michael Shoebridge     |      May 10, 2020

    It’s time to take the global debate about the pandemic out of the hands of Beijing and Washington and reclaim it for the 6.08 billion people who do not live in China or the US.

  • Let’s not ‘snap back’ towards China

    Michael Shoebridge     |      April 28, 2020

    The one thing Australia can’t do as we get the pandemic under control is ‘snap back’ to the old ways of doing business with the one-party state that is the People’s Republic of China.

  • Australia should invoke the ANZUS treaty

    Michael Shoebridge     |      April 16, 2020

    Scott Morrison has called the ANZUS Treaty ‘the single most important achievement’ of the Liberal Party in any term of government. He can now use that achievement to show solidarity in the fight against COVID-19.

  • The death or rebirth of America?

    Michael Shoebridge     |      April 12, 2020

    The spiraling death toll in the USA, and the bumbling reaction of the Federal government, has prompted many commentators to predict the eclipse of America as a major power, but the COVID-19 crisis is more likely to revitalise that nation’s inherent dynamism.

  • Australia needs a national mobilisation committee – right now

    Michael Shoebridge     |      March 28, 2020

    Coronavirus is primarily a public health crisis, but it is also wreaking havoc with our financial, political, economic and social systems. Government as usual is not an option.