• Mining the Moon and Mars

    Neil Martin     |      May 16, 2022

    Off-earth mining may once have been purely the stuff of science fiction, but now it’s potentially a US$1 trillion industry that is likely to be vital if humans are serious about colonising Mars or the Moon.

  • Russia’s cyber-assault is a warning to Australia

    Neil Martin     |      March 4, 2022

    Russia’s savage assault on Ukraine began long before the first tanks rolled in, as 21st century battles are now being fought in cyberspace, as well as with missiles on land, sea and air.

  • To bat or not to bat? That is the question

    Neil Martin     |      December 2, 2021

    Many things which traditionalists loved about the game of cricket have been lost in recent years, and the age-old toss of a coin before the match might be next on the chopping list.

  • All the answers on renewable energy

    Neil Martin     |      September 11, 2021

    Everything you ever wanted to know about the way we will ultimately derive all our power from renewable sources, and how quickly it will be achieved.

  • The endangered species of the internet

    Neil Martin     |      May 1, 2021

    New research shows that a small number of organisations account for an ever-increasing proportion of total attention on the internet, with one large player usually dominating in each sector.