• Australia needs a proper NBN

    Paul Budde     |      February 24, 2017

    We are currently witnessing yet another round of discussions about the national broadband network. Paul Budde explains why after having already lost most of Australians in this useless debate, we need to finally address the bigger picture.

  • New business opportunities based on ‘connected minds’

    Paul Budde     |      February 18, 2011

    If as history indicates more connected minds are more conscious minds, then human development (and business innovation) is about to take a great step forward.

    What we are seeing taking place around the Web 2.0 developments is an interconnected world. Look at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, but also at Wikileaks, Google, Flickr, Skype, etc. These services are attracting hundreds of millions of people.

    Up until now countries, organisations and companies have been largely organised within silos. These silos have their own experts, their own systems and their own hierarchies, bureaucracies etc. However, it is not too hard to predict that the next phase will put an end to these silos – some of the new Web 2.0 services are already creating severe havoc inside our siloed worlds.