• The end of the affair

    Paul Dibb     |      March 8, 2024

    As Russia’s stalled invasion of Ukraine drags into a third year, what are the prospects to an end to the conflict, and could it escalate into a full-scale war between Russia and NATO?

  • Paper tigers

    Paul Dibb     |      December 2, 2023

    There is no shortage of appeasers in the West who believe that China’s military might renders support for Taiwan futile, but these are the same people who argued against supporting Ukraine faced with the ‘might’ of the Russian army.

  • Russia skulks into the shadows

    Paul Dibb     |      February 26, 2023

    Putin invaded Ukraine a year ago to eradicate it from the map and restore his nation’s international prestige, but after 12 months of shame and humiliation he may only have ensured Russia’s eclipse, and perhaps implosion.

  • Russia’s debacle gives China pause for thought

    Paul Dibb     |      May 6, 2022

    A swift Russian victory in Ukraine would surely have encouraged China to invade Taiwan, but determined local resistance, effective sanctions and the power of modern Western weapons will give Xi pause for thought.

  • Putin’s revanchist excuses for going to war

    Paul Dibb     |      April 3, 2022

    What are the causes of Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine and why have they created Europe’s most serious conflict since World War II? The answer is in the mind of President Vladimir Putin, the only person in today’s Russia with the authority to go to war.

  • Why Keating is wrong about China

    Paul Dibb     |      November 16, 2021

    Paul Keating resembles a sleepwalker who remains oblivious of today’s geopolitical reality.

  • Australia needs clear guarantees in the face of Chinese threats

    Paul Dibb     |      July 31, 2021

    In the face of an increasing torrent of abuse from Beijing, Canberra should seek a much clearer commitment from Washington that its United States ally will retaliate if China launches a missile attack against Australia.

  • The Russia-China Axis menaces the West

    Paul Dibb     |      December 1, 2019

    The dictatorships in charge of Russia and China are taking advantage of the West’s unwillingness to invest in defence, or even believe in itself, and posing an ever greater threat to international security.

  • Defending Australia in an age of strategic disruption

    Paul Dibb     |      October 22, 2019

    The threat to Australia is real and increasing, for the first time since the Second World War.
    The ADF must increase its readiness for conflict, with more training, higher stocks of munitions and protected operational bases in the north.

  • Anywhere v somewhere = nowhere

    Paul Dibb     |      May 19, 2019

    A growing schism between educated, affluent ‘anywhere’s and the ‘somewhere’s left behind by the rapid pace of change are weakening the West and encourage the ambitions of authoritarian competitors.

  • Why we need a radically new defence policy

    Paul Dibb     |      October 10, 2018

    Australia’s international security outlook is starting to look very unpredictable and potentially threatening. Australian defence planners must now deal with a world which is very different from any they have known before.