• The rocky road to redemption

    Peter Jennings     |      November 23, 2020

    Paul Brereton’s report on SAS incidents forces us to confront the worst of what happened on our watch in Uruzgan Province. We should not lose the chance to think hard about the wider story: why we were there and what we thought we were doing.

  • China’s wolf-warrior tactics are here to stay

    Peter Jennings     |      September 15, 2020

    Taken together, Xi’s opaque speeches, his military’s coercive behaviour and the increasingly unhinged statements of China’s diplomats and party-controlled media make the Communist Party’s intentions all too clear.

  • Why Australia needs new foreign relations law

    Peter Jennings     |      August 31, 2020

    The Morrison government is closing the door on a disastrous decade for Australia where our greed and naivety turned us wilfully blind to the predatory ambitions of China.

  • Standing up to China

    Peter Jennings     |      May 16, 2020

    Australia needs more cowboy and less kowtow in its current dispute with China. Our foreign, security and trade policies need more principle and less of the ‘pragmatism’ that has brought us to this sorry point of affairs.

  • Coronavirus threatens both dictatorships and democracies

    Peter Jennings     |      March 8, 2020

    The economic and social impact of the fast spreading coronavirus could threaten both democratic and dictatorial systems in the months to come.

  • Defence and disaster management

    Peter Jennings     |      February 2, 2020

    A greater role for the ADF in disaster response seems inevitable, but it will take significant investment and cross-agency cooperation to create a fit for purpose response force.

  • Field notes from the new Cold War

    Peter Jennings     |      December 9, 2019

    The growing pace of strategic change means that every week brings more data points charting the Indo-Pacific’s slide towards a riskier, more dangerous reality.

  • Mr Morrison goes to Washington

    Peter Jennings     |      September 17, 2019

    There’s no doubting the friendship and shared history of the USA and Australia, but it’s not immediately obvious that their current leaders have a common vision for peace, security and prosperity.

  • How not to defend Australia?

    Peter Jennings     |      July 28, 2019

    Hugh White’s “How to defend Australia” is an elegant book but it’s fundamentally wrong on just about every judgement it contains.

  • 2025 will be like 2019 – only more so

    Peter Jennings     |      June 14, 2019

    The international scene has been grim for some time, and there’s little prospect of it improving. Indeed recent trends of authoritarian bluster and democratic decline are set to intensify, plunging the world ever closer to crisis.

  • Australia needs a clear and consistent China policy

    Peter Jennings     |      June 10, 2019

    Our government should take a leaf out of China’s book by strongly promoting our national interests, speaking plainly in defence of our core values, and explaining our strategic priorities to the domestic public.

  • “Congestion busting” in the public service

    Peter Jennings     |      May 31, 2019

    Scott Morrison’s decision to put himself directly in charge of the public service underlines his interest in seeing more innovative policy and better delivery from an institution that’s soft pedaled on both for some time.