• Navy 2.0

    Peter Layton     |      February 21, 2024

    The Federal government has unveiled its plan to revamp the Australian Navy, but given the struggles of recent ship procurement projects, will it solve our current problems – or just create new ones?

  • Australia’s grand strategy

    Peter Layton     |      November 20, 2023

    The grand strategy methodology is a useful framework with which to consider Australia and its contemporary international policies and activities as a middle power.

  • Building a grand strategy for China

    Peter Layton     |      June 25, 2020

    The complicated and complex nature of Australia’s relations with China calls for a well-designed grand strategy that maximises the economic benefits while limiting the political costs.

  • The high stakes of grand strategy

    Peter Layton     |      June 27, 2019

    The Chinese challenge in Asia, and the Russian threat to the west, are real and require genuine debate, perhaps even strategic innovation. This may all sound intellectually confronting, but it’s vital to confront reality. Our future may well depend on it.

  • Reducing Australia’s vulnerability to foreign interference

    Peter Layton     |      April 12, 2019

    Russia and China have used a range of overt and underhand means to influence the results of democratic nations’ elections in recent years and Australia must step up its measures to guard against such interference.

  • An alternative to the rules-based order?

    Peter Layton     |      April 7, 2018

    There’s a fundamental problem in Australia’s relationship with China: China’s growth advances prosperity but menaces security. If the rules-based order construct does not suit volatile times then is there an alternative?