• Sharing to social media: Sensationalism or social good?

    Rachel Gray     |      August 12, 2020

    People should consider the implications of posting images and footage of tragic events online, says UNSW’s Alyce McGovern. 

  • International pressure can help protect Hong Kong

    Rachel Gray     |      August 1, 2020

    The UN needs to establish a special envoy to closely monitor the decline of human rights in Hong Kong, says Australia Director at Human Rights Watch and adjunct lecturer at UNSW Law Elaine Pearson.

  • Australians at increasing risk of arbitrary arrest abroad

    Rachel Gray     |      July 22, 2020

    International travel remains off the agenda for most people, but two UNSW academics have expanded on the Australian government’s warning Australians could be ‘at risk of arbitrary arrest’ in China, Iran, Vietnam and other oppressive nations.