• Seven things I love about buying nothing

    Rachel Smith     |      October 19, 2015

    This October is Buy Nothing New Month, a one month challenge to buy nothing new (with the exception of essentials like food, hygiene and medicines). Rachel Smith took the challenge to the next level. Here she explains why.

  • Our City Leaders’ 7 biggest challenges when cutting traffic congestion

    Rachel Smith     |      January 20, 2015

    If we really want to ease traffic congestion in our cities, we need to make sure we all have all the information we need to make a change. Rachel Smith has asked our City Leaders about the biggest challenges ahead.

  • Do bicycle advocates need to act like Hollywood?

    Rachel Smith     |      April 15, 2014

    What does Hollywood have to do with bike riding? Rachel Smith says we all need to get involved in collecting data if we want to see our dream of more people cycling come true.