• Ten years after

    Stefan Wolff     |      March 18, 2024

    It is ten years since Russia illegally annexed Crimea on March 18 2014. Subsequent efforts to firmly integrate the peninsula into the Russian Federation, however, have been far from the success story that the Kremlin often likes to portray.

  • Ukraine at the crossroads

    Stefan Wolff     |      February 27, 2024

    Divided Americans and apathetic Europeans must double down on military, economic and political support for Ukraine or risk the spectre of a resurgent Vladimir Putin gloating in victory.

  • Russian roulette

    Stefan Wolff     |      August 26, 2023

    Vladimir Putin, like Josef Stalin before him, deals with his critics by murdering them, but the underlying problem – his disastrous military campaign in Ukraine – has not gone away with the death of Prigozhin.

  • Putin’s bridge is falling down

    Stefan Wolff     |      July 21, 2023

    Ukraine’s successful strike against the bridge built to link Russia with its illegally occupied territory in Crimea is another crushing blow to Russia’s ability to sustain its invasion and to Putin’s battered pride.

  • Damning evidence of Russia’s desperation

    Stefan Wolff     |      June 8, 2023

    Russia’s cynical destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam aims to delay Ukraine’s much-anticipated counter-offensive to liberate Kherson in Southern Ukraine, and reveals both Putin’s brutality and desperation.

  • Ukraine takes the fight to Moscow

    Stefan Wolff     |      June 3, 2023

    Russia has bombarded Ukrainian cities for over a year, but the recent drone strikes on Moscow show that Ukraine has both the capacity and will to strike back at the heart of its enemy invader.

  • The long war

    Stefan Wolff     |      April 16, 2023

    The West’s continued reluctance to confront Russia’s aggression in Ukraine or give Ukraine the jets, tanks and missiles it needs to destroy the invaders is dooming the country to a long and bloody stalemate.

  • Putting Putin in the dock

    Stefan Wolff     |      March 23, 2023

    Many dictators die safe in their beds, but there is growing international support to bring Russia’s murderous tyrant to justice for his untold crimes against Ukraine.

  • The battle for Soledar

    Stefan Wolff     |      January 14, 2023

    The bloody battle for Soledar highlights the brutality of Russian tactics and underlines the need for additional arms for Ukraine, including modern Western tanks and aircraft.

  • Ukraine stands firm under Russia’s terrorist bombardment

    Stefan Wolff     |      January 8, 2023

    Putin appears determined to continue his war, so forcing a change of mind in Moscow through Ukrainian fighting spirit and western support will be the only way to bring this tragedy to an end in 2023.

  • Drones bring Russia into range for Ukraine

    Stefan Wolff     |      December 19, 2022

    Russia continues to pound civilian targets in Ukraine, knocking out power supplies to try to freeze its people into submission, but cheap drones are helping Ukraine fight back against the aggressor and turn the tide of the war.

  • Ukraine turns the tide in Kherson

    Stefan Wolff     |      September 1, 2022

    Ukraine’s counter-attack in the south of the country is driving back the Russian invaders and increasing optimism that Putin’s ramshackle thugs can be ousted once and for all.