• The problem record immigration is supposed to solve doesn’t exist

    William Bourke     |      March 14, 2018

    Population is “the everything issue”. It affects all aspects of public policy and our daily lives. It is essential to get population policy right if we are to achieve critical public policy outcomes like secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning and a sustainable environment.

  • Is Australia’s infrastructure overrun by the ‘population ponzi’?

    William Bourke     |      February 28, 2017

    Infrastructure in our major cities is at or over capacity. William Bourke claims that this is a politically engineered crisis Australia needs to address by lowering immigration rates.

  • A vision for Australia? Sustainable Australia

    William Bourke     |      May 22, 2015

    What is a ‘sustainable Australia’? William Bourke says we need a holistic policy framework that redefines growth in our finite world.

  • Redefining growth

    William Bourke     |      November 11, 2014

    The Group of 20 (G20) is meeting in Brisbane this week to discuss the global economy. William Bourke says we should focus less on the GDP and instead look at real progress indicators like high employment, a diverse economic base and sustainable resource management.

  • Overpopulation drives boats

    William Bourke     |      August 7, 2013

    The debate around asylum seeker policy has become increasingly divisive this election year. William Bourke and Dr Jane O'Sullivan from the Stable Population Party say there are larger issues at play.

  • Stable population is Australia’s sustainable choice

    William Bourke     |      September 8, 2011

    High population growth is now driving Australia’s major economic, environmental and social problems.

    Increasing carbon emissions; Increasing costs of living, including housing, water and energy; Overloaded infrastructure, including roads, hospitals and schools; Destruction of our environment, including our native wildlife habitat; Increasing foreign debt are prime examples.