• Climate change is a security problem

    Tobias Ide     |      March 7, 2023

    While a feral Russia menaces Europe and China’s shadow falls over Asia, the looming threat of climate change imperils the whole world, and Australia must start viewing it as a national security issue.

  • The satellite data mapping Australia’s new climate extremes

    Antoinette Tordesillas     |      December 28, 2022

    New research is combining data from satellites to help us anticipate and adapt to climate change and extreme weather in Australia.

  • CSIRO assesses Australia’s carbon sequestration potential

    Open Forum     |      December 14, 2022

    CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, has published an assessment of twelve carbon sequestration technologies and the role they could play in helping Australia reach net zero emissions.

  • We can’t say we weren’t warned

    William Leben     |      December 11, 2022

    Forty years ago, Australia’s national intelligence agency warned that carbon emissions would change the climate, and warned that Australia’s dependence on coal would be threatened. It’s a tragedy the politicians didn’t listen.

  • It’s not a fair COP

    Mark Maslin     |      November 24, 2022

    The climate negotiations at COP27 failed to produce the breakthroughs required to limit greenhouse emissions and climate change, with nations more interested in protecting their own interests than pursuing the global good.

  • Climate change action

    Alan Stevenson     |      November 18, 2022

    It is becoming increasingly apparent that the world’s leaders are more intent on a talk-fest at COP27 than actually doing anything meaningful about the situation.

  • Island nations hope to turn the tide at COP27

    Luky Adrianto     |      November 10, 2022

    Island and archipelago nations have a chance to be heard by policymakers around the world at COP27 in their bid to shore up fish stocks.

  • What Australia needs to bring to COP27

    Wesley Morgan     |      November 7, 2022

    Multiple global crises threaten to overshadow the forthcoming climate summit in Egypt, but the task at COP27 over the next two weeks is more urgent than ever.

  • Healthy people need a healthy planet

    Celia McMichael     |      November 5, 2022

    Climate change is affecting the health of people around the world as well as the planet itself, and transitioning to net-zero emissions could be the greatest health opportunity of the 21st century.

  • Australia aims to change climate reputation at COP27

    Robyn Eckersley     |      November 4, 2022

    The new Federal government hopes to transform Australia’s reputation into a climate leader at COP27 but there’s a lot of damage to make up for after years of delay, obfuscation and inaction.

  • Opening the window

    Open Forum     |      November 1, 2022

    A new report argues that urgent sector and system-wide transformations in power production, industry, transport, infrastructure, food and financial systems could still avert climate disaster.

  • Game, set and greenwash

    Open Forum     |      October 31, 2022

    Australian sport is propped up by gambling, junk food and fossil fuel companies looking to peddle their ways or “greenwash” their image.