• 7 ways to fix Sydney’s lockdown

    Tom Kompas     |      August 8, 2021

    Sydney’s COVID outbreak continues to spread, but targeted measures, alongside lockdowns and vaccinations, could help keep it under control.

  • Psychology can help tackle COVID non-compliance

    Open Forum     |      August 4, 2021

    Countering misinformation and appealing to self interest are the key to reaching the 10% of people who are reluctant to comply with COVID restrictions.

  • Critical leadership in difficult times

    Emi Berry     |      August 4, 2021

    Truthfulness, acknowledging uncertainty and understanding the workforce are key leadership elements, say senior health leaders.

  • Building trust when the message keeps changing

    Kate Bettes     |      July 29, 2021

    Restrictions on Sydney’s hardest hit areas continue to tighten amid signs the State government’s ever evolving messages – from no lockdown to harsh lockdown – are falling on deaf ears. How can our leaders get their message across when that message keeps changing?

  • Understanding COVID’s arms race against itself

    Emi Berry     |      July 29, 2021

    The fast spreading Delta variant of COVID-19 may not be the last threat posed by the fast-mutating disease as it spreads around the world.

  • In search of herd immunity

    Julie Leask     |      July 28, 2021

    Sydney faces another month in lockdown, with the NSW government now placing its faith in vaccinations having lost control of contact tracing. However, given the range of factors involved, it’s difficult to pin down a single magic number for herd immunity against COVID-19 to be achieved.

  • Understanding Australia’s vaccine debacle

    James Walter     |      July 25, 2021

    Is the Morrison government’s COVID vaccination rollout program one of Australia’s biggest ever public policy failures?

  • It is a race, and we’re falling behind

    Open Forum     |      July 24, 2021

    Like the Olympics, Australia’s fight against the virus is a competition, and we’re starting to fall badly behind, not least in terms of vaccinations.

  • Is the cure worse than the disease?

    Open Forum     |      July 21, 2021

    Lockdowns are tough on our health, but a COVID-19 outbreak would be worse, according to Aussie and international researchers who reviewed pandemic response in countries with and without lockdowns.

  • Australian COVID-19 research review reveals gaps in collaboration

    Open Forum     |      July 19, 2021

    Researchers are calling for improved national coordination of Australian COVID-19 trials, after analysis of efforts in 2020 found a lack of data sharing and collaboration left crucial research gaps.

  • Time for ‘stage 4’ in Sydney?

    Open Forum     |      July 14, 2021

    New modelling developed by the Burnet Institute suggests that stricter Stage 4 restrictions, similar to those introduced in Victoria’s second wave in 2020, will be needed to control Sydney’s current outbreak.

  • Restoring public trust in the fight against COVID

    Mark Evans     |      July 13, 2021

    Australia remains locked down with a stalled vaccine rollout, while the US, UK and other countries are opening up, and public trust in the government is eroding.