• Doppelganger

    Nick Haslam     |      September 15, 2023

    In her latest book, “Doppelganger,” Naomi Klein investigates an online underworld of conspiracies and misinformation, showing how the rise of right wing paranoia has been fed by progressive disdain.

  • Sport: Socially divided, spuriously unified?

    David Rowe     |      September 14, 2023

    Sport can still unite rather than divide us but must reinvent its structures and practices, rediscover its ethical mission, and reimagine who are ‘us’ to remain a positive and progressive force for social good.

  • Fair game: Lessons from sport for a fairer society and a stronger economy

    Andrew Leigh     |      September 13, 2023

    Andrew Leigh, the Assistant Minister for Competition, Charities & Treasury and the Assistant Minister for Employment argued that sport shows we don’t have to sacrifice egalitarianism and honour in pursuit of victory in a recent address at the National Library.

  • Learning how to live

    Oscar Davis     |      August 22, 2023

    We all have feelings and questions about the meaning and purpose of our lives, and it is not as simple as picking a side between the Aristotelians, the existentialists, or any of the other moral traditions.

  • Remembering Michael Parkinson

    Lea Redfern     |      August 19, 2023

    Genial, humane and engaging, Michael Parkinson was Britain’s most famous chat show host for fifty years and also enjoyed a loyal following in Australia.

  • Books, balderdash and bowlderisation

    Dan Dixon     |      August 18, 2023

    The censorship of books by Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Ian Fleming and Agatha Christie to remove potentially “offensive” and addition of content warnings and disclaimers to books by Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, Raymond Chandler and P.G. Wodehouse have provoked much debate about the balance between delicate modern sensibilities and artistic integrity.

  • AFL must waltz like the Matildas

    Max Thomas     |      August 15, 2023

    The unprecedented popularity of the Women’s soccer world cup in Australia is a sign that Australia’s own football code needs to up its game to retain the interest of the next generation.

  • Blood-red and black

    Tamara Lewit     |      August 14, 2023

    Melbourne University’s Ancient Lives exhibition presents around 100 objects from the University’s Classics and Archaeology collection, offering visitors insights into the hidden lives of women, children, slaves and artisans of the ancient Graeco-Roman world.

  • Remembering Tony Bennett

    Jose Valentino Ruiz     |      July 23, 2023

    American crooner Tony Bennett drifted in and out of fashion over his long career, but he survived his contemporaries to become a much loved icon of the classic age of American song.

  • On the beach

    Alexander Howard     |      July 20, 2023

    Nevil Shute may fallen out of literary fashion but he remains one of Australia’s best and most popular writers, as a theatrical revival of his most famous book attests.

  • Remembering Milan Kundera

    Jen Webb     |      July 15, 2023

    The death of Milan Kundera, that remarkable novelist, essayist, poet, philosopher and fearless critic of Soviet tyranny deprives the literary world one of its brightest stars.

  • Half a century of 2001

    Nathan Abrams     |      July 13, 2023

    2001 reinvented the science fiction genre upon its release in 1968 and left an inedible mark on modern culture, not least in highlighting the dangers of misaligned AI.