• Challenging masculine stereotypes can also be good for men

    Michelle Stratemeyer     |      April 2, 2019

    Tropes of traditional masculinity such as self-reliance contribute to men being less likely than women to seek therapy or other medical help.

  • White supremacy and the Australian politics of race

    Dominic O'Sullivan     |      March 28, 2019

    When an Australian white supremacist killed 50 people, and injured 50 others, in two New Zealand mosques last week, the politics of race and religious hatred merged into one. Decisive leadership is required to stamp out racism in out country, but there’s little sign that our politicians will provide it.

  • Our phones leave us tired and less productive

    Open Forum     |      March 28, 2019

    ‘Technoference’ is causing an increasing number of Australians to lose sleep, be less productive at work and even try to hide their phone use, with new QUT-led research showing 24 per cent of women and 15 per cent of men can now be classified as ‘problematic mobile phone users’.

  • Backlash and gender fatigue – Why progress on gender equality has slowed

    Sue Williamson     |      March 23, 2019

    The MeToo movement has swept the globe, but women’s equality issues are increasingly facing opposition. The increasing push-back in society against gender equality issues is also spreading into the workplace.

  • Let’s learn to love our Aussie accents

    Kate Burridge     |      March 17, 2019

    Our views of accents are arbitrary social evaluations rather than intrinsic facts, and we base them on our knowledge and experience of the people who lie behind them. We should embrace our accents as part of who we are.

  • Booze and boys are still a risky combination

    Steven Roberts     |      March 10, 2019

    “They are not a nation of snobs like the English or of extravagant boasters like the Americans or of reckless profligates like the French, they are simply a nation of drunkards.” – Marcus Clarke, 1869

  • Museums are good for your health

    Lena Gan     |      March 2, 2019

    Visiting a museum can help older Australians with their overall mental and physical wellbeing, and bring the generations closer together.

  • Reflections on life in the “lucky country” after dancing in Berlin

    Sophie Mayo     |      February 27, 2019

    GAP intern Sophie Mayo reflects on her time in Berlin as a ballet dancer and the experience of adjusting back to life in Sydney on her return.

  • Remembering Pete Seeger

    Allan Winkler     |      February 26, 2019

    Can songs change the world for the better? Maybe not, but the long life of American folk singer and activist Pete Seeger shows that songs can help ensure the worst of the world doesn’t change us.

  • “Alle Shalle Be Wele”

    Veronica Mary Rolf     |      February 16, 2019

    Julian of Norwich was born in the 14th century, into a world ravaged by pestilence, poverty and war, but the lessons taught by the life and works of this medieval English recluse may still have some meaning for people today.

  • What summer festivals can teach us about people

    Martin Bortz     |      February 14, 2019

    Transformative festivals like Australia’s Rainbow Serpent are a global phenomena, and research on these grand social experiments is yielding insights into human organisation and cooperation.

  • Creating people-to-people links through language and culture tours

    Benjamin Blackshaw     |      February 9, 2019

    In these times of rising international tensions, it is vital that people-to-people links are strengthened through educational and cultural opportunities, for we can all learn from others.