• Homeward bound: Australia gets even smarter

    Louis Zacharilla     |      September 4, 2013

    Australia has matured in regard to recognising the importance of the Broadband Economy. Social entrepreneur and initiator of the global Intelligent Community movement Louis Zacharilla highlights the power of Broadband to unite the country and in particular benefit rural areas.

  • Paid Parental Leave should not be used for political point scoring

    Michael Cosgrove     |      September 3, 2013

    One of the hottest topics of Election 2013 is Paid Parental Leave. IR consultant Michael Cosgrove outlines where the parties sit on the issue.

  • The world food crisis

    Kevin Parton     |      August 12, 2013

    Not only Australia is affected by rising food prices. Professor Kevin Parton from the Institute for Land, Water and Society describes causes and effects of the current situation and offers solutions to a global problem.

  • Why we should be concerned about food security

    Sarah Norgrove     |      July 31, 2013

    Australian food prices are going up and Asia’s food demand is increasing, while environmental and logistical risk factors are at play. Sarah Norgrove from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute analyses the challenges lying ahead.

  • Kids or career? The costs to consider when having another child

    Claire Esmond     |      June 13, 2013

    There is considerable debate surrounding returning to work after having children. Claire Esmond from Pave Wealth Services looks at the true cost of raising a child and explains the financial burden of adding to the nest.

  • Evolving talent strategy to match the Millennial workforce reality

    Les Pickett     |      June 5, 2013

    There are a lot of stereotypes about the work ethic and demands of so-called Millennials, those employees that are under 33 years old. Les Pickett shares the data from a survey that both confirms and dispels common labels.

  • Learning from China’s positive attitude towards older workers

    Zoe Li     |      May 30, 2013

    China has a long tradition of respecting the wisdom and knowledge the older generation can contribute. Zoe Li from Global Access Partners looks beyond the Chinese perspective and explores how we can adopt a more positive attitude towards older people in the workforce.

  • Workforce Participation Rates and Economic Growth

    Ian Watt     |      May 27, 2013

    Dr Ian Watt, Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, chaired the first session of the GAP/ACHR conference on Productive Ageing. He would like the conversation around the ageing workforce to become more appropriate to the reality of an ageing population.

  • Microfinance – contributing towards a better world

    Rob Haggett     |      May 21, 2013

    It has been hailed as a ‘miracle cure’ to end global poverty. Rob Haggett from microfinance initiative Good Return explains how microfinancing has the potential to be a powerful tool in helping poor people around the world.

  • Productive Engagement

    Heidi Holmes     |      May 20, 2013

    In discussions about mature workers, the focus is too often on ageism and negative stereotypes. Heidi Holmes, Managing Director of Adage, a job board and online community for experienced workers aged 45 plus, offers solutions in relation to older jobseekers.

  • Are senior Australians being squeezed by the cost of living?

    Tim Adair     |      May 14, 2013

    The cost of living remains a major political and social issue for older Australians. The rising cost of health care in particular is a concern for an ageing population, says Dr Tim Adair from National Seniors Australia.

  • Spanish economy in crisis

    Marta Conejo Sobrino     |      April 30, 2013

    Some claim that the average Spaniard holds more wealth than a German. But after the property bubble imploded in 2008, Spain is still suffering from a weak economy and soaring unemployment rates, says Spanish journalist Marta Conejo Sobrino.