• Tackling the surge in inflation

    John Hawkins     |      May 31, 2022

    Australia’s current surge in inflation, like that in much of the world, reflects a mix of temporary and more sustained factors and demand and supply issues, and navigating this new challenge will require agile economic management on the part of new Labor administration.

  • Decoupling the minimum wage and inflation

    Mark Humphery-Jenner     |      May 20, 2022

    A 5% increase in the minimum wage has emerged as a point of difference in the election campaign, but there may be no need to link the minimum wage to inflation.

  • Sanctions on Russia could prove a windfall for Australia

    David Uren     |      April 25, 2022

    Australia is Russia’s closest competitor in global markets and is the obvious winner as Putin’s pariah state loses exports due to international sanctions.

  • China’s coming industrial transformation and the threat to Australia’s economy

    Peter Farley     |      April 12, 2022

    A fall in demand from China for Australia’s coal and iron ore, and competition from Russia on global wheat markets, could see exports of primary materials fall sharply in the future, forcing Australia to develop more profitable alternatives.

  • The moral market

    Richard Holden     |      March 19, 2022

    The age-old political debate between market forces and central planning is as pertinent as ever, but the ability of markets to aggregate information and satisfy consumer needs can be harnessed in the cause of fairness and equality.

  • People make the world go round

    Jim Stanford     |      January 13, 2022

    Australians are getting a stark reminder about how value is actually created in an economy, and how supply chains truly work.

  • Global economic prospects for 2022

    Muhammad Ali Nasir     |      January 7, 2022

    Will 2022 be the year where the world economy recovers from the pandemic? That’s the big question on everyone’s lips as the festive break comes to an end.

  • The new normal – How Covid changed the way we shop

    Adrian Camilleri     |      January 5, 2022

    With COVID cases in the tens of thousands around the country, the nation’s shops are less busy than usual for the January sales, but the pandemic may have also changed the way we shop forever.

  • Tempting back the backpackers

    Sarah Gardiner     |      January 3, 2022

    Making working holiday travel easy, fun and safe is not only vital to getting Australia’s tourism industry back on track – it’s critical for the country’s long-term engagement with the world.

  • New tool tracks national resource footprints

    Open Forum     |      December 11, 2021

    Australian researchers working with the United Nations have developed a tool to drive practical change in the world’s global resource consumption through better understanding how many resources each country consumes.

  • Remembering Geoff Harcourt

    John Hawkins     |      December 8, 2021

    Australian economics has lost one of its most internationally renowned and prolific scholars with the passing of Geoffrey Harcourt at the age of 90.

  • Opening Australia’s trade window

    David Widdowson     |      November 21, 2021

    Trade-related regulatory requirements are administered and enforced by more than 30 agencies at the federal level in Australia, as well as some at the state and territory level, with little coordination between them.