• Coal Seam Gas and the future of manufacturing in Australia

    Tim Mazzarol     |      October 9, 2013

    Seen as either environmental hazard or important source of energy, coal seam gas (CSG) development remains a controversial issue. Tim Mazzarol, Winthrop Professor at the University of Western Australia, explores the challenges the government, and Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane in particular, are facing.

  • Food sovereignty

    Fiona Simson     |      October 3, 2013

    NSW Farmers Association President Fiona Simson was a guest speaker at the IV Global Access Partners National Economic Review: Australia’s Annual Growth Summit on Friday 20 September 2013. She explored the discussion around food sovereignty and foreign ownership of agricultural land.

  • Field robotics coming to a farm near you

    Professor Salah Sukkarieh     |      September 26, 2013

    The use of robots for farming is not science fiction. Sydney University Professor Salah Sukkarieh and guest speaker at the 2013 Global Access Partners Summit explains why.

  • Vision needed for farming to be next mining boom

    John Brady     |      September 23, 2013

    What needs to be done for food producers and processors to thrive and prosper? John Brady CEO of the country's largest tomato processing company KAGOME Australia and speaker at the GAP National Economic Review 2013 shares his vision.

  • A new global food market: trends and opportunities for Australia

    Bruce Gosper     |      September 22, 2013

    Austrade CEO Bruce Gosper delivered the keynote address at the IV Global Access Partners National Economic Review: Australia’s Annual Growth Summit dinner on Thursday 19 September 2013. He outlines how economic and democratic factors in the developing world are creating a new global market for food. 

  • Facing the realities of future farming

    Lisa Middlebrook     |      September 19, 2013

    There are many uncertainties around food production. Ahead of today's Global Access Partners 2013 Annual Growth Summit, Summit Executive Manager Lisa Middlebrook shares her thoughts on what needs to be done to make farming a top priority.

  • Why agricultural productivity depends on food sustainability

    Laura Eadie     |      September 19, 2013

    Agricultural productivity growth has declined significantly over the last 60 years despite strong increases in demand. Laura Eadie explains the importance of food sustainability and how the issue should be tackled.

  • Sustainable cattle farming

    Kylie Schooley     |      September 17, 2013

    The biggest challenge of modern cattle farming is to be sustainably profitable. Kylie Schooley gives a first-hand account of the work on her grazing business at Rocky Springs in Queensland.

  • Australians and their food

    Jim Pratley     |      September 9, 2013

    Australia has a strict regime of pesticides and their use, which food importers don’t have to comply with. Jim Pratley, Professor of Agriculture at Charles Sturt University, urges all Australians to stand up for their local food supply.

  • Sustainable agriculture and the culture of control

    Anthony Waugh     |      September 1, 2013

    Traditional agriculture is dominated by a need to control natural systems. Anthony Waugh explains how sustainable agriculture aims to let go of this mindset of control and works with natural systems to encourage diversity and increase the resilience and fertility of the land.

  • Global food security – play to the rescue

    Jonathan Marshall     |      August 29, 2013

    Crop losses due to plant pests and diseases have a huge impact on global food security. Jonathan Marshall from Bondi Labs introduces the Plant Doctor Game, an educational video game that trains local agricultural workers in developing countries to diagnose destructive crop health damage.

  • Grow it Local

    Jess Miller     |      August 28, 2013

    There is a noticeable shift towards sustainable food production as part of a local real food movement. Jess Miller from Grow it Local talks about her campaign that encourages people to connect with their local community and become urban farmers.