• Building a better mechanism for democratic engagement

    Fergus Neilson     |      November 17, 2014

    Democracy is still a better form of government than all the other forms that have been tried so far. Fergus Neilson from THE FUTURES PROJECT therefore invites you to actively get involved and take part in an online social engagement enquiry into energy security and affordability.

  • Are you a successful recycler?

    Brad Gray     |      November 10, 2014

    Although almost every Australian agrees that recycling is the right thing to do, a lot of people don’t know what to do with aerosol cans. So for National Recycling Week, Planet Ark’s Head of Campaigns Brad Gray is going back to basics to help Aussies become more successful recyclers.

  • Be a successful recycler

    Open Forum     |      November 4, 2014

    Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week runs from 10 to 16 November. It highlights the environmental benefits of re-use and recycling. This year Planet Ark shares the seven secrets of successful recyclers.

  • Direct Action Policy and the Renewable Energy Target

    Kevin Parton     |      October 31, 2014

    The Direct Action climate plan has passed the senate with help from Palmer United Party. Professor Kevin Parton urges the federal government to retain Australia's current Renewable Energy Target (RET) in the light of this latest development.

  • On fair food and ‘sustainable intensification’

    Tammi Jonas     |      October 13, 2014

    It is Fair Food Week, celebrating local farming and food enterprises. Ethical pig farmer and writer Tammi Jonas says to feed Australian farmers and families, we need to produce less for more, not more for less.

  • Speciesism: why do we love one animal but condemn the other?

    Emmanuel Giuffre     |      September 23, 2014

    Speciesism is a term that describes our discrimination of animals on the basis of them belonging to a certain species. Emmanuel Giuffre from the animal protection institute Voiceless says it is time to rethink our inconsistent relationship with animals.

  • Keep the Renewable Energy Target

    Kevin Parton     |      September 2, 2014

    A government-commissioned review has recommended scaling back the Renewable Energy Target (RET). Professor Kevin Parton, an expert in the economics of climate change policy, believes this would be a mistake.

  • We are eating our own plastic garbage

    Greg Mueller     |      August 26, 2014

    The pacific vortex that is harming marine life and consequently humans is just one of many pressing environmental issues. Gregory Mueller says positive change can be achieved with organised people power.

  • Why Australia needs a cyclists party

    Omar Khalifa     |      August 1, 2014

    The Australian Cyclists Party has recently been approved to be a registered Federal party. Its President and Founder Omar Khalifa says we need to rethink our priorities if we want to improve traffic congestion, our health and the environment.

  • Obituary: Australia’s carbon price

    Paul Twomey     |      July 18, 2014

    Australia no longer has a carbon price, after it has been repealed in the Senate. Paul Twomey delivers the eulogy for a scheme that had passionate origins, but eventually found an untimely death.

  • Clover Moore on powering the City of Sydney – consult, commit and do

    Lord Mayor Clover Moore     |      June 27, 2014

    Cities use over two thirds of the world’s energy and emit more than 70 percent of emissions. Sydney's Lord Mayor Clover Moore says we need to take action on climate change now.

  • Australians are no climate dinosaurs

    Kristina Stefanova     |      June 27, 2014

    A majority of Australians now accept that climate change is occurring. Kristina Stefanova from the Climate Institute shares the results of this year’s Climate of the Nation report.