• An ill wind

    David Uren     |      November 1, 2022

    Australians may be struggling with high energy costs, but global spikes in energy prices have proved a boon for the nation’s economy.

  • Running on empty

    Ben Stevens     |      October 12, 2022

    Many of Australia’s supply chains continue to be tested in the wake of the pandemic and our precarious liquid fuel arrangements offer a case in point.

  • Dethroning king coal

    Bruce Mountain     |      October 12, 2022

    When will coal power plants close in Australia, what forms of electricity generation will replace them, how much will it cost, and who will pay for the transition?

  • Energy companies cash in while consumers suffer

    Simon Orme     |      October 5, 2022

    Australian electricity customers have overpaid $10 billion to energy network providers pocketing supernormal profits. Coordinated government action is therefore required to urgently improve the regulations governing monopoly electricity networks to reduce growing pressure on consumer’s energy bills.

  • Dethroning king coal

    Amy Leiper     |      September 8, 2022

    Australian governments should begin planning for a faster-than-expected transition away from thermal coal, according to a new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

  • Russia’s war renews the push for renewables

    Neil Martin     |      August 16, 2022

    Europe’s revulsion of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have accelerated the global transition to renewable energy.

  • Gas flows under pressure

    Max Thomas     |      July 23, 2022

    The Australian Greens don’t yet seem to grasp that effective environmental stewardship depends on corresponding progress in justice, public health, education, trade, security, indigenous and international relations, social and economic wellbeing.

  • The sun also rises

    Open Forum     |      July 13, 2022

    CSIRO’s annual GenCost report confirms wind and solar are the cheapest source of electricity generation and storage in Australia.

  • Harvesting the sun

    Grace Stanhope     |      July 7, 2022

    A vast new solar power project points the way to a cleaner energy future in the north of Australia, signalling the willingness of private investors and international partners to lead where the government hesitates and falters.

  • The dead cat bounce of coal

    Jorrit Gosens     |      June 30, 2022

    Recent volatility in global fossil energy markets have been a boon for coal exporters but, in the long term, it will only accelerate the phase-out of coal, as policymakers in importing countries transition to clean domestically produced energy for a range of environmental, economic and security reasons.

  • Not all power resides in the ACT

    Max Thomas     |      June 18, 2022

    The ACT is suffering from the same energy problems as New South Wales and Victoria, and proper planning is required to ensure security of supply in the future.

  • Australia’s energy own goals

    Roger Dargaville     |      June 17, 2022

    How does a modern developed country with massive resources of coal, uranium, gas, sun and wind find itself facing an energy crisis? Blame the country’s politicians.