• The misplaced idea of a gas-led recovery

    Peter Farley     |      September 30, 2020

    The Prime Minister and his Energy Minister seem to believe in a gas led recovery but the evidence appears to point to a significant decline in gas usage in Australia over time.

  • Narrabri gas fields approval may increase energy prices

    Open Forum     |      September 29, 2020

    Australian gas consumers are likely to see higher, rather than lower gas prices if Santos’ Narrabri gas fields are approved due to the distance the gas must travel to reach consumers and the infrastructure that will need to be built.

  • A roadmap for renewables

    Open Forum     |      September 28, 2020

    Despite the Federal government’s fondness for gas, renewables can still play an important role in Australia’s energy plans for the future.

  • Angus Taylor’s tech roadmap is fundamentally flawed

    Mark Diesendorf     |      September 24, 2020

    The government’s latest energy plans are a failure of logic, and will lock in fossil fuel use for decades.

  • Investing in the future after COVID-19

    Andrew Elek     |      September 5, 2020

    Even the darkest cloud has a silver lining and COVID offers governments around the world an unprecedented opportunity to invest in a better future, not least by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

  • #Turn off the gas

    Lucy Watt     |      August 6, 2020

    Australia should adopt the WHO manifesto for a healthy recovery from Covid-19 to ensure we protect nature, ensure access to clean water, and make the transition to clean energy.

  • A battery powered opportunity

    Mahdokht Shaibani     |      July 28, 2020

    The shocking economic consequences of COVID-19 and the ever-growing US-China trade war, both considered as “serious” threats to Australia, could bring welcome changes to our battery industry, if we seize the opportunity.

  • Fighting climate change could tackle Australia’s job crisis

    Victoria Tichá     |      July 19, 2020

    Business leaders can mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change by generating thousands of jobs in renewable energy and building more sustainable communities.

  • 5 ways oil and gas firms are embracing sustainability

    Derek Lotts     |      July 8, 2020

    The world needs more long-term strategies that focus on sustainability rather than profit. With such an approach, even today’s oil and gas giants can stand the test of time, manage to reduce their carbon footprint, and enable growth.

  • Renewable energy exports in Australia’s post-fossil-fuel future

    Hal Crichton-Standish     |      June 29, 2020

    The Northern Territory has an opportunity, via the new Sun Cable and Pilbara projects, to lead Australia on its transition from fossil fuel exports to renewable energy exports.

  • Australia pushes solar to new heights with perovskite breakthrough

    Robert Lawler     |      May 31, 2020

    Australian scientists may have put Australia ahead of the rest of the world in the race to develop cheaper solar panels.

  • Turning down the gas?

    Peter Farley     |      May 25, 2020

    The evidence strongly suggests a significant decline in natural gas usage in Australia despite reports of increased government funding for gas.