• Will Victoria run out of power next summer?

    Peter Farley     |      September 10, 2019

    Despite the scare stories, a detailed investigation of Victoria’s power and storage capacity suggests that power shortages are unlikely next summer.

  • Low carbon cities are within our grasp

    Deo Prasad     |      September 3, 2019

    The research has been done. The evidence is in. We know how to create cities that are sustainable, liveable and affordable, but we have yet to apply that knowledge widely across Australian state capitals.

  • Should Australia invest in nuclear energy?

    Roger Dargaville     |      August 9, 2019

    The Australian government is launching an inquiry into the possibility of building a nuclear power industry in Australia, but should more focus be placed on renewables instead?

  • Zero energy homes get zero interest from homebuyers

    Open Forum     |      July 25, 2019

    New home buyers care more about kitchen counter tops than easy opportunities for improved energy efficiency and thermal comfort.

  • Six questions answered on Adani

    Adrian Werner     |      June 15, 2019

    By approving the Adani’s groundwater management plan on June 13, the Queensland government has given the final green light to the company’s controversial Carmichael coal mine.

  • The costs and benefits of a clean economy

    Tom Kompas     |      June 10, 2019

    As the cost of renewable energy falls, Australia’s transition to clean energy makes sound economic as well as environmental sense.

  • Is the oil price slump an economic warning?

    Julian Lorkin     |      June 7, 2019

    Motorists may be cheering the slump in the price for crude oil, which has fallen by nearly 20% over the past few weeks. However, an economist warns this may be a cautionary sign that the world’s economy is about to slow down drastically as a result of trade tensions.

  • Energy set for “Uber” transformation

    Open Forum     |      May 29, 2019

    Australia’s troubled energy sector has been warned that it will soon be “Uberised” with “prosumers” generating and managing their own energy resources through new digital technology.

  • Fixing the gap between Labor’s greenhouse gas goals and their policies

    Mark Diesendorf     |      May 6, 2019

    More substantial policies are needed to reduce emissions from both electricity and other sources to achieve Labor’s greenhouse target.

  • Is nuclear power an option for Australia?

    Peter Farley     |      April 3, 2019

    The need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants and the supposed drawbacks of renewable sources has prompted renewed interest in nuclear options for Australia, but the economics and capacity of nuclear plants just don’t add up to a viable alternative.

  • Why Bitcoin can never be green

    Open Forum     |      March 19, 2019

    While the initial frenzy has faded, Bitcoin mining still consumes as much as energy as the whole of Denmark around the world and even constant renewable sources such as hydropower cannot balance its environmental impact.

  • Regenerative offsets could create a carbon neutral coal industry

    John White     |      March 11, 2019

    A one-off investment of $1b in Australian regenerative agriculture could not only safeguard Australian soils against drought and climate change, but help deliver a lucrative zero emissions energy solution for export to the world.