• How to make your New Year sustainable

    Dr Kim Loo     |      December 9, 2016

    As the Australian Government’s climate change policy is struggling for credibility, it is more important than ever that we try to make a difference collectively and as individuals to help minimise global warming. Dr Kim Loo explains how.

  • Learn the golden rules of recycling

    Ryan Collins     |      November 8, 2016

    While 91% of us agree recycling is a good thing to do, Ryan Collins from Planet Ark explains that kerbside confusion is still holding us back from being expert recyclers. For National Recycling Week he shares the golden rules of recycling.

  • On Coal Seam Gas fracking

    Max Thomas     |      October 28, 2016

    Senator for Queensland and co-deputy Leader of the Australian Greens, Larissa Waters, has recently called to ban coal seam gas (CSG) fracking. After spending many years working for the environment, Max Thomas believes that the time for protest has passed and we need rational, evidence-based action.

  • Greyhound racing ban backflip gives another chance to an industry that deserves none

    Elise Burgess     |      October 12, 2016

    Yesterday NSW Premier Mike Baird announced that the State’s greyhound industry would be given "one final chance" and the racing ban reversed. Elise Burgess from animal protection institute Voiceless says the racing industry will not change its ways after being exposed for its cruelty and getting away with it scot-free.

  • Powerless without glory

    Max Thomas     |      September 26, 2016

    It has been reported over the weekend that the closure of the Victoria’s Hazelwood plant in the Latrobe Valley may be imminent. Max Thomas is concerned about the future of a region that has been left with gaping holes – not only in the ground, but also in its socio-economic fabric.

  • ANU $8 million battery storage and integration program

    Professor Ken Baldwin     |      September 9, 2016

    As the proportion of renewables in the grid grows, battery storage and its integration are becoming increasingly important. Professor Ken Baldwin is the Director of the ANU Energy Change Institute, which will appoint an internationally recognised research leader to improve ways to store renewable energy.

  • Environmental protection and public safety of your home

    Safronia Benasic     |      September 2, 2016

    We all want to live in a home that is safe for ourselves and our families. Safronia Benasic says the Government, in particular the ACT Government, could do more to ensure the health and safety of the community.

  • Our climate and energy dilemma: The case for emergency action

    Ian Dunlop     |      August 1, 2016

    To avoid catastrophic outcomes for our climate, we must take action now to halt new fossil-fuel investment. Ian Dunlop says for a sustainable future we have no choice but to make the transition to low-carbon technologies work.

  • Join The Big Conversation

    editor     |      July 29, 2016

    On 2 August 2016 Engineers Australia’s Sustainable Engineering Society and UTS are hosting ‘The Big Conversation' on the significant risks that climate change poses for our social, financial, and energy systems, making the case for emergency action.

  • Energy intake, health outcomes and expenditure

    Terenzio Gaetan     |      July 22, 2016

    According to the OECD, two in three Australian adults are either overweight or obese. Terenzio Gaetan asks you to take part in a study that looks at how food consumption, physical activity and compensatory beliefs are intertwined within our minds.

  • Australian business is embracing the Sustainable Development Goals

    Leeora Black     |      July 20, 2016

    What are the most important Sustainable Development Goals for Australian and New Zealand organisations and how can they take action to achieve them? Dr Leeora Black, Managing Director of the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR), has the details of one of the largest ongoing studies on CSR in the world.

  • Great Barrier Reef: Springvale Station purchase

    Max Thomas     |      July 1, 2016

    Environment groups and scientists have hailed the Queensland Government’s recent move to buy a cattle station south of Cooktown as a victory for reef conservation. Max Thomas questions whether the purchase serves a well-planned purpose beyond a mere political one.