• The climate change tax plan that pays back revenue

    Open Forum     |      November 22, 2018

    The new Member for Wentworth, Kerryn Phelps, will help present a new climate policy proposed by UNSW which would tax carbon dioxide emissions but compensate Australian households.

  • Is this the end of the National Electricity Market?

    Rod Boyte     |      October 25, 2018

    Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM), which has served the eastern and southern states for 20 years, may be heading towards its demise.

  • Heresy: The government’s lack of electricity energy policy is probably a good thing

    Peter Farley     |      September 27, 2018

    The lack of coherent Federal policy on electricity is probably a good thing, and any new federal policies are likely to be costly, out of date long before they are introduced and actually counterproductive.

  • The National Energy Guarantee can work – if the emissions target is increased

    Open Forum     |      August 9, 2018

    While the NEG policy design had potential, the low level of ambition on the emissions reduction target meant the policy would be essentially useless unless this is addressed.

  • Tips for an eco-friendly attic renovation

    Amelia Atkins     |      July 25, 2018

    Are your kids growing up so fast that they might need their own room soon? Is it time to treat yourself with that man cave or that media room you’ve always wanted? Well, with just a bit of renovation, your attic can give you that extra space and make your home even better!

  • Australia to lead the charge on lithium-ion battery recycling

    Open Forum     |      July 17, 2018

    A new battery recycling industry to tackle Australia’s annual 3,300 tonnes of lithium-ion battery waste could be on the cards, according to a new report by the national science agency.

  • Are Australians ready for driverless cars?

    Open Forum     |      July 6, 2018

    The authors of a new report on public attitudes to driverless cars say people might be more receptive towards autonomous vehicles if they understood their potential to reduce crashes, emissions and driving stress and improve cyclist safety and mobility for those unable to drive.

  • Burning waste is the wrong option

    Open Forum     |      July 4, 2018

    A UNSW Sydney submission to the ACT government’s review into waste management outlines a way to achieve the government’s primary targets to divert most waste away from landfill and for the local sector to be carbon neutral by 2025.

  • Mostly working: Australia’s wholesale electricity market

    Open Forum     |      July 2, 2018

    High electricity prices are here to stay, according to a new Grattan Institute report that calls on politicians to tell Australians the truth about the future of energy costs.

  • New app plugs into people power

    Open Forum     |      June 25, 2018

    The national science agency is calling on all Australians to be part of its energy research by providing valuable information that will improve understanding of the way households consume, generate and interact with energy.

  • A green home needs sustainable storage

    Amelia Atkins     |      June 24, 2018

    Australians have more and more things, and less and less space in their homes to store them. Thinking clearly about sustainable storage solutions can go a long way to creating a better lifestyle as well as a greener home.

  • Eight lessons from the USA for today’s youth-led movements

    Nick Engelfried     |      June 20, 2018

    How can the experiences of one young climate activist in the United States over the last decade inform similar protest movements in Australia?