• Why we need far less storage than you think

    Peter Farley     |      May 8, 2018

    The perennial question for renewables is: What do you do when the wind doesn’t blow, and the sun doesn’t shine? However most of the demand occurs when the sun is shining, the wind is always blowing somewhere and Australia’s hydro-power outstrips many other countries.

  • Electricity and gas markets in Australia today

    Rod Sims     |      May 4, 2018

    ACCC Chairman Rod Sims outlines the current state of Australia’s electricity and gas markets and the prospects for reform to ensure security of supply at an affordable cost to industry and consumers.

  • The darkest hour for the NEM?

    Kane Thornton     |      April 17, 2018

    The government’s failure to pursue a proper national energy strategy is undermining the National Electricity Market.

  • Australia’s fuel vulnerability is a problem of own making

    Paul Barnes     |      April 16, 2018

    Australia is a major energy exporter, yet our lack of domestic refining capacity leaves us evermore reliant on potentially vulnerable maritime supply chains to deliver imported supplies.

  • Is massive transmission investment required to support a renewable grid?

    Peter Farley     |      March 24, 2018

    Victorian engineer Peter Farley argues that distributed renewable power production and local storage will reduce the need for expensive long distance transmission infrastructure to meet Australia’s long term energy needs.

  • Clean and secure power – A roadmap to a renewable future

    Andrew Stock     |      March 10, 2018

    Time is running out for the climate as temperatures rise, the poles melt and weather patterns alter. Australia needs to act quickly and decisively by cutting greenhouse gas pollution from the electricity sector and a new plan from the Climate Council explains how it could be done.

  • Do we even need Snowy II?

    Peter Farley     |      March 9, 2018

    Victorian engineer Peter Farley crunches the numbers to show the proposed Snowy II hydro-power scheme would be surplus to requirements, given the growth in distributed storage capacity and alternative sources of generation.

  • Australia enjoys a record year for renewable energy production

    Kane Thornton     |      March 7, 2018

    Remarkable growth made 2017 a record year for Australian renewable energy production, but ongoing policy uncertainty means that continued expansion cannot be taken for granted.