• A zebra among horses

    Open Forum     |      September 26, 2020

    Netflix is often criticised as a Hollywood-style entertainment behemoth crushing all competition and diminishing local content but a QUT academic says that’s a simplistic view.

  • Better than a thousand words

    Kay Harrison     |      September 14, 2020

    Dr Cameron Edmond looks at three narrative visualisations that effectively articulate COVID-19 public health messages.

  • Will Facebook pull news from its Australian site?

    Rob Nicholls     |      September 2, 2020

    Facebook has announced it will ban publishers and people in Australia from sharing local and international news on Facebook and Instagram if a proposal to force tech giants to pay for news becomes law.

  • Rethinking data and consent

    Dawn Lo     |      August 28, 2020

    People may consent to the use of their personal data, without being sufficiently aware or informed of the nature and extent of potential implications.

  • Could the new ‘tech tax’ save journalism?

    Open Forum     |      August 25, 2020

    Australia could be the first country to support journalism by diverting profits from Facebook and Google using competition law.

  • Beware disinformation around COVID vaccines

    Elise Thomas     |      August 24, 2020

    Policymakers, media outlets, social media platforms and vaccine manufacturers should be aware that politically motivated disinformation is only likely to increase as the race for a Covid-19 vaccine intensifies.

  • Why who gets to tell Australian stories matters

    James Arvanitakis     |      August 22, 2020

    As a democratic society, we are reliant on a strong and representative fourth estate to balance power relations and hold the powerful to account. In a multicultural society, only a more inclusive approach will lead to greater relevance to the population.

  • Closing the diversity gap in TV news

    Open Forum     |      August 17, 2020

    Australia’s television news media acutely lacks cultural and linguistic diversity, according to new research by four Australian universities in partnership with Media Diversity Australia.

  • Sharing to social media: Sensationalism or social good?

    Rachel Gray     |      August 12, 2020

    People should consider the implications of posting images and footage of tragic events online, says UNSW’s Alyce McGovern. 

  • How social media bots seed social discord

    Elise Thomas     |      August 7, 2020

    The widespread proliferation of low-quality, unsophisticated but persistent disinformation and political influence efforts on social media can crowd out genuine information.

  • A lifeline for Australian media?

    Rob Nicholls     |      August 3, 2020

    Cash strapped Australian media companies have been thrown a lifeline through a new draft code which allows them to bargain – individually or collectively – with Google and Facebook to be paid for the content they provide.

  • Why do conspiracy theorists film themselves spurning face masks?

    Elise Thomas     |      July 30, 2020

    Taking away the immediate validation which conspiracy theorists are showered with when they post these videos online would remove a lot of the reason for making them in the first place.