• Good policy needs strong leadership

    Andrew Trounson     |      October 25, 2019

    Former deputy Labor leader Jenny Macklin argues that empathetic leaders will have to to stand up and fight to overcome the trust deficit in Australian politics and deliver key policies.

  • The airport border ‘crisis’ is a symptom of management failure

    Daniel Ghezelbash     |      October 22, 2019

    From high staff turn-overs to filling the appeals tribunal with political allies, the Home Affairs department needs to get a grip on Australia’s airport immigration problem.

  • DFAT’s budget squeeze damages Australian interests

    Melissa Conley Tyler     |      October 21, 2019

    Diplomacy could help to create a more favourable world for Australia’s interests, but cuts to DFAT’s budget are hampering its reach at a time when it’s needed more than ever.

  • An afternoon of inspiration and intrigue with the U.S. Foreign Service

    Sophie Mayo     |      October 16, 2019

    GAP’s Sophie Mayo recently attended an address by two U.S. Consular Officials, Kira Moriah and Donald Maynard, to UTS international and Global Studies students about their careers and the challenges of today’s high-stakes political environment.

  • What President Trump needs to hear from Prime Minister Morrison

    James Curran     |      September 18, 2019

    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s state visit to Washington later this week is a rare honour, and he should make the most of it by telling Mr Trump a few home truths.

  • Mr Morrison goes to Washington

    Peter Jennings     |      September 17, 2019

    There’s no doubting the friendship and shared history of the USA and Australia, but it’s not immediately obvious that their current leaders have a common vision for peace, security and prosperity.

  • Arvanitakis on American politics

    James Arvanitakis     |      September 7, 2019

    The race for the American presidency is already hotting up, with Democratic contenders vying for the chance to challenge the incumbent. Professor James Arvanitakis is in the USA and assess their chances of success in the light of Trump’s popularity in middle America.

  • Can internet voting keep our votes secure?

    Vanessa Teague     |      August 30, 2019

    Victoria’s Electoral Matters Committee is looking at how our elections are conducted and internet voting is a real option. But is there any real proof that our votes would be safe from tampering?

  • Remembering Tim Fischer

    Tim Harcourt     |      August 27, 2019

    Former Austrade chief economist Tim Harcourt reflects on the passing of the quirky and kind Tim Fischer.

  • Australian democracy demands a proper debate

    Dominic O'Sullivan     |      August 20, 2019

    Australian democracy is failing to deal with the complex interrelationships between coal and climate change, regional security interests, human rights and trade but today’s political culture of slogans and disengagement from proper debate and scrutiny makes it harder still.

  • Constitutional change is hard for good reason

    Anne Twomey     |      July 24, 2019

    Constitutional change in Australia is always an uphill battle, but that is no reason to shirk it. Instead, it should be a spur to produce better proposals for constitutional change, develop strong and clear arguments for reform, cultivate widespread public support and undertake vigorous, but honest, campaigns.

  • Strengthening Australian leadership in regional institutions

    Tony Walker     |      July 9, 2019

    The Australian prime minister’s first foreign policy speech last week repositioned Australia as a creative middle power that seeks to develop a regional security architecture. For this he deserves credit, though the test is to realise these ambitions.