• Forward together

    Anthony Albanese     |      May 22, 2022

    Anthony Albanese is poised to become Australia’s 31st prime minister, and he laid out his vision for his incoming administration in his victory speech on election night in his constituency.

  • How Albanese crept into power

    Frank Bongiorno     |      May 22, 2022

    Though it won just a third of first preference votes, Labor will form a minority government thanks to a strong showing by the teal independents and Greens and Western Australia’s wholesale rejection of Scott Morrison, so how will Albanese govern now?

  • All political careers end in failure

    Ataus Samad     |      May 21, 2022

    The former British liberal leader Paddy Ashdown once observed that all political careers end in failure, and the high hopes of at least one Australian leader are about to be dashed, so how to leaders come to terms with the end of their ambitions?

  • 50 shades of teal

    James Murphy     |      May 20, 2022

    The independent “teal” candidates have shaken up the 2022 Australian election campaign, but there are plenty of idiosyncrasies among these blue-green candidates in socially progressive but liberal held seats.

  • Don’t be surprised if there’s no election surprise

    Murray Goot     |      May 19, 2022

    The Coalition hopes that turning ‘undecided’ voters its way in the final few days of the campaign will pull a victory from the fire, but there is little history of this happening in the past.

  • Who is Scott Morrison?

    Michelle Grattan     |      May 19, 2022

    Scott Morrison’s cynical, aggressive, self-serving leadership proved the Coalition’s secret weapon in the last election campaign, but the same qualities have made him a liability in this one.

  • Who is Anthony Albanese?

    Paul Strangio     |      May 19, 2022

    Anthony Albanese has spent a lifetime in politics without making an impression on the public, and if Labor wins the election, it will be despite his gaffes, rather than because of his low-profile leadership.

  • State of play

    Paul Williams     |      May 18, 2022

    Six experts analyse the state of play between the two main parties across the country as the federal election campaign nears its climax this weekend.

  • Young Australian voters should care about foreign policy

    Dominic Simonelli     |      May 16, 2022

    Rather than being an afterthought at the ballot box, young voters should demand well-crafted foreign policy that’s fit for purpose in building a safe, prosperous and democratic world.

  • Why your vote matters

    Intifar Chowdhury     |      May 15, 2022

    Australian citizens have to vote whether they like it or not, but just as little drops make a mighty ocean, every individual vote contributes a stronger democracy.

  • What happens in a hung parliament?

    Anne Twomey     |      May 8, 2022

    The current election campaign could produce a tight result, so what happens in a Parliamentary system when no party can command an overall majority?

  • Who’s up at half time in the election campaign?

    Mark Kenny     |      May 5, 2022

    Half way through the interminable Australian Federal election campaign, whose stock has risen and who has faltered in the face of the ultimate political challenge?