• Mutual co-evolution as the hidden business value of Twitter

    Ken Eustace     |      October 30, 2013

    The upcoming stock market debut of Twitter is highly anticipated. Ken Eustace from the School of Computing and Mathematics at CSU explains why Twitter needs to work together with traditional media companies and other social networks in order to establish a successful business model.

  • Agile Business Management: Adaptability for Sustainable Business Growth

    Evan Leybourn     |      October 22, 2013

    By embracing technological and cultural change as it happens, an agile manager can deliver sustainable business growth. Evan Leybourn explains the potential of agile business management.

  • Profile of privacy – higher, but is it sexy?

    Richard Thomas CBE     |      October 16, 2013

    Data protection is an important issue of public concern. Richard Thomas CBE, former UK Information Commissioner and adviser to the Centre for Information Policy Leadership, documents how the profile of data privacy has steadily grown over the years.

  • Terror on Twitter

    Jake Wallis     |      October 2, 2013

    Social media, especially Twitter and YouTube, are providing terrorists with the platform to broadcast their violent acts globally. Charles Sturt University lecturer and researcher Jake Wallis explains how new media is being used to spread the word.   

  • The rise of non-traditional media

    Amalie Finlayson     |      September 26, 2013

    There have been many changes to the media landscape in recent years including the rise of digital media. Journalism Lecturer Dr Amalie Finlayson explains how new digital offerings are essential for informed and engaging debate.

  • Field robotics coming to a farm near you

    Professor Salah Sukkarieh     |      September 26, 2013

    The use of robots for farming is not science fiction. Sydney University Professor Salah Sukkarieh and guest speaker at the 2013 Global Access Partners Summit explains why.

  • Ignite your imagination in National Science Week 2013

    Geoff Crane     |      August 11, 2013

    Every year in August schools, universities, science centres and museums are organising events to celebrate National Science Week. Program manager Geoff Crane talks about some of the upcoming highlights.

  • Explore the wonders of science

    Open Forum     |      August 6, 2013

    It is National Science Week from 10 to 18 August, an annual celebration of science and technology in Australia. School children, university students and science enthusiasts of all ages are invited to take part in more than 1,000 events happening around the country.

  • The Edward Snowden impact on intelligence

    Patrick Walsh     |      June 21, 2013

    There has been some controversy about Edward Snowden’s motives to share classified information regarding the National Security Agency with the press. Dr Patrick Walsh, senior lecturer for intelligence and security studies at Charles Sturt University, speculates about the consequences of this intelligence leak.

  • Teens and acceptable behaviour online

    Joanne Jacobs     |      June 19, 2013

    What was considered private personal information a decade ago is being redefined in the digital age. Joanne Jacobs from 1000heads advises parents to use a common sense approach in dealing with the online behaviour of their teenage children.

  • #digiconau – Digital Productivity Conference

    Open Forum     |      June 4, 2013

    The #digiconau – Digital Productivity Conference takes place on 12 and 13 June 2013 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Conference is a celebration and investigation of Australia’s advances through the benefits of high-speed broadband.

  • Online parenting connections

    Dr Julie Green     |      June 4, 2013

    Being a parent is sometimes lonely and confusing. Dr Julie Green, Executive Director of the Raising Children Network, explains how online parent forums can be good place to get information and support.