• Reviving the Royal Australian Fleet Auxiliary

    Jennifer Parker     |      October 16, 2023

    In an era of reduced strategic warning time, bold decisions are necessary and risk must be accepted to gain strategic and operational advantage. Re-establishing the Royal Australian Fleet Auxiliary is an option worth considering.

  • Operation Malabar

    Ashok Sharma     |      September 3, 2023

    The recent iteration of the Malabar military exercises is an illustration of the growing military interoperability, mutual trust, and coordinated response of the Quad countries. More are needed to maintain stability and security in the Indo-Pacific, threatened increasingly by China’s military assertiveness.

  • Rebooting Australia’s defence industry

    Roland Stephens     |      August 9, 2023

    Australia needs a powerful department that spans industry, trade and investment, mandated with extensive powers and equipped with resources to shape the economy to strategic needs.

  • Strike back

    Bradley Perrett     |      July 24, 2023

    Defence Minister Richard Marles called for the Australian Defence Force to be capable of ‘impactful projection’ and a diversity of strike missiles are being acquired to achieve it.

  • Supporting NATO and Ukraine

    Justin Bassi     |      July 12, 2023

    It is in Australia’s national interest to join NATO counterparts in proclaiming support for Ukraine and the inseparability of the transatlantic and Indo-Pacific partnerships in protecting freedom and democracy.

  • Diplomacy and defence must work together

    Brendan Nicholson     |      July 8, 2023

    Strong diplomacy is crucial to avoid conflict, and the Australian Defence Force must operate within an envelope created and expanded by the nation’s diplomatic efforts, says ADF chief Angus Campbell.

  • Once a terrorist…

    Justin Bassi     |      June 25, 2023

    Countering terrorism while preserving essential freedoms isn’t an easy task, but society has a right to expect the state to protect the public against convicted terrorists.

  • Improving US-Australian defence cooperation

    Alan Throop     |      June 2, 2023

    The US–Australia defence relationship, and the alliance more broadly, has never been closer, as highlighted by the AUKUS partnership, but changing strategic circumstances make it imperative that the two partners continue to improve their mutual understanding of each other, build greater resilience and leverage each other’s strengths.

  • Parliamentary scrutiny and national defence

    Bec Shrimpton     |      May 25, 2023

    The Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade is holding its first public hearing in its inquiry into the 2021–22 Defence report and it has many issues to discuss.

  • A shared vision for Australian security

    Melissa Conley Tyler     |      May 8, 2023

    Can Australia’s Defence Strategic Review build a narrative about our country’s security and defence that the public will get behind?

  • Reshaping the ADF to meet Australia’s strategic challenges

    Alex Bristow     |      April 29, 2023

    The Defence Review offers a clear vision of the future we want, and making sure we can protect our way of life and make our own decisions, rather than having our fate determined by others.

  • A revolution in Australian defence planning?

    Stephan Fruhling     |      April 27, 2023

    The new Defence Review offers a brief but important hint that Australia should fundamentally change its approach to defence planning and force design.