• Learning from the past to defend our future

    Kim Beazley     |      October 10, 2022

    The independent leads of Australia’s defence strategic review, Stephen Smith and Angus Houston, have a tough task on their hands, but should learn the lessons of the past to shape Australia’s defence in the future.

  • Prepare for the worst

    David Beaumont     |      September 12, 2022

    Three years of economic shocks and increasing international tensions mean that Australia should prepare for the logistics and infrastructure impacts of military crises.

  • An arsenal for democracy

    Open Forum     |      September 11, 2022

    Australia can become a key part of the arsenal of democracy by leveraging the benefits of Industry 4.0 and producing innovative weapons to help Ukraine and Taiwan resist the might of their toxic neighbours.

  • Eyes in the sky over the Pacific

    David Brewster     |      August 9, 2022

    Combining data from space platforms and terrestrial craft will boost Australia’s awareness of maritime activities, from illegal fishing to Chinese naval movements, in the Indo-Pacific.

  • Revamping the ADF

    Malcolm Davis     |      August 5, 2022

    The Labor government must accept the challenge posed by a rising China to our nation and our region and respond with responsible and decisive changes to Australian defence policy.

  • Industry and defence must gear up against China

    Brendan Nicholson     |      July 16, 2022

    Harnessing resources from industry through to armed forces, Australia, the United States and their allies must together develop an effective level of military power in the Indo-Pacific to avoid ‘a catastrophic failure of deterrence.

  • Australians back more defence spending

    Michelle Grattan     |      July 3, 2022

    Australians are becoming more fearful in an insecure world, and want to see the country armed up, favouring more defence spending and the planned acquisition of nuclear-powered submarines.

  • How Sweden will strengthen NATO

    Owen Greene     |      May 29, 2022

    Based largely on home-grown technology, Sweden’s modern, powerful and well trained armed forces will bolster NATO’s power in the Baltic where an aggressive Russia has been threatening the Baltic states for years.

  • Australia can’t be a safe haven for war criminals

    James Baylis     |      May 22, 2022

    Australia has offered a home to too many thugs and criminals guilty of horrendous acts abroad, and shouldn’t continue to shelter such people, nor allow Russia’s legion of rapists and murderers escape justice here.

  • Europe must invest in its own survival

    Kenton White     |      May 10, 2022

    The end of the cold war allowed European powers to slash defence spending, but the reality of Russia’s threat to the free world demands a much greater investment in the tools required to defend freedom and independence from Putin’s barbarism.

  • Reframing security in a post-invasion world

    Tanya Ogilvie-White     |      April 28, 2022

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is part of a new era of ideological competition and great power confrontation that has uprooted the post-Cold War international order.

  • Russia’s Ukraine invasion must be Australia’s clarion call

    Ashley Townshend     |      April 27, 2022

    Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has shown that war between major powers has become a reality to be faced squarely, rather than an abstract concept to be dismissed or wished away.