• Remembering the lessons and legacies of Australia’s East Timor intervention

    Donald Greenlees     |      March 5, 2019

    Just over 20 years ago, a letter from Australian prime minister John Howard to the president of Indonesia, B.J. Habibie, set in motion a chain of events that would lead to East Timor’s passage to nationhood.

  • Strengthening the nuclear order

    Rod Lyon     |      March 3, 2019

    Nuclear weapons are once more a focus for public and political debate. Great-power competition has returned, leading to more fractious strategic relationships among the P5—the recognised nuclear weapon states—and the competitive modernisation of nuclear arsenals.

  • Defending multilateralism and the rules-based global order

    Lisa Sharland     |      March 1, 2019

    The rules-based global order has underpinned Australia’s approach to defence and foreign policy over the past 70 years and although the role played by the USA is under question, Australia can step up to be a force for good in international affairs.

  • Understanding the attack on Australia’s parliament and political parties

    Danielle Cave     |      February 22, 2019

    The Australian government has been reluctant to ‘name and shame’ states engaged in hostile cyber operations, but should this change now the latest assault has targeted the home of democracy – Parliament House – and the nation’s political parties only months out from a federal election?

  • Defending the north – Then and now

    Richard Brabin-Smith     |      February 21, 2019

    While most of Australia’s population lives in the south east, any threat to the country must be faced from the north, and so plans to strengthen Australia’s defences must begin there.

  • Strengthening the north is a strategic priority

    Michael Shoebridge     |      February 18, 2019

    Renewing a serious Australian defence presence in the nation’s north should become a compelling and increasingly urgent matter of strategic policy and capability planning given increasing regional threats.

  • Australian border security: hope against hope

    John Coyne     |      February 17, 2019

    While Australia’s ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’ has been a resounding success in dramatically reducing the flow of irregular migrants to Australia by sea, the reopening of the Christmas Island detention centre has renewed the debate around illegal migration.

  • Australian can help women oppose violent extremism

    Louise Allen     |      February 14, 2019

    Australian aid funding and other efforts overseas can help women curb the threat of violent Islamic extremism in hot spots around the world.

  • How safe is our data from the long arm of the law?

    Vanessa Teague     |      February 13, 2019

    New legislation which aims to expose the communications of serious criminals might undermine the security of Australian citizens in the name of protecting it.

  • Fears of nuclear rearmament as the INF Treaty crumbles

    Open Forum     |      February 11, 2019

    The demise of the INF Treaty is a blow both to the Cold War arms control architecture and prospects for global disarmament. Relations between Russia and the US will perhaps suffer another rupture, but the Pacific remains the most likely site of superpower confrontation.

  • The Huawei arrests should ring alarm bells in Australia

    Gerry Groot     |      February 10, 2019

    China’s brutal response to foreign indictments against the tech-giant Huawei should offer important lessons for Australia.

  • What price food security?

    Open Forum     |      February 5, 2019

    Events such as extreme weather, over-fishing, and geopolitical crises are already causing sudden losses in global food production, and these ‘shocks’ are likely to become more common, posing significant threats to global food security.