• Viva la revolución

    Alan Stevenson     |      April 5, 2022

    Our leaders are focused on the next few years, of staying in office, appeasing the electorate instead of making the world a better place for all.

  • Tabi on racial matters: Are we missing out on our anti-racism efforts?

    Gloria Tabi     |      April 4, 2022

    Let’s understand racism for what it really is, to help galvanise our anti-racism efforts from stories of awareness into clear concrete actions that change racist systems.

  • Australia’s new space command

    Russell Boyce     |      March 28, 2022

    Australia has copied the American model in creating a ‘space command’ to unify its space faring efforts and counter hostile actions by Russia and China in orbit around the Earth.

  • A question of heritage

    Bob Ford     |      March 26, 2022

    Australia has welcomed immigrants from many countries, and, together with indigenous people, we should all be Australians first.

  • Tabi on racial matters – Happy Harmony Day

    Gloria Tabi     |      March 21, 2022

    While Australia celebrates the 21st of March as Harmony Day, the rest of the world commemorates it as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

  • Supply-chain lessons from the COVID years

    John Coyne     |      March 15, 2022

    The government needs to promote discussions with the private sector about supply-chain resilience, nation-building and sovereignty to ensure the lessons learned over the last two years lead to action in the future.

  • Movin’ to the country

    Susan Ainsworth     |      March 10, 2022

    While migration from abroad has suffered a two year hiatus, regional Australia has seen an influx of post COVID ‘tree and sea changers’, offering both benefits and challenges for small town Australia.

  • The potential – and pitfalls – of data science

    Paul McCarthy     |      March 9, 2022

    So much data is collected and crunched in the modern world that any number of correlations can be found – many of which are clearly absurd – but over the last decade data science has unearthed many interesting trends in the social sciences and humanities.

  • Choosing who’s in charge of justice

    Gabrielle Appleby     |      February 22, 2022

    A chief justice is more than just a court’s figurehead: they are responsible for defending and promoting the court’s institutional integrity, and this must be taken into account when appointing them.

  • The rise of the sovereign citizen

    Daniel Baldino     |      February 21, 2022

    Paranoia over COVID vaccinations, a plethora of social media echo chambers, and a host of other factors have spurred the growth of anti-government movements around the world in recent years.

  • Universities bounce back

    Andrew Norton     |      February 13, 2022

    Many universities, facing revenue losses due to COVID-19, announced major staff cuts over the past two years, but as students return to the classroom, Australia’s tertiary sector may be about to bounce back.

  • Do your research – on why that doesn’t work

    Luke Zaphir     |      February 9, 2022

    Telling someone who disagrees with you to ‘do their research’ is unlikely to win their heart or mind.