• Cheer up, it’s been worse before

    Claudia Hooper     |      September 20, 2020

    2020 has been grim, but there have been worse years in history. In this article, experts from science, history and literature take us through just some of the other terrible times people have endured before now.

  • And the winner is…Television: spectacle and sport in a pandemic

    David Rowe     |      September 19, 2020

    In the historic contest between sport and media, the Covid-19 Trophy went to television. In extra time to a fake soundtrack.

  • A paradigm shift to tackle social issues

    Craig Donaldson     |      September 15, 2020

    Both the government and not-for-profit (NFP) sectors need a paradigm shift in terms of how they think about addressing key social issues as Australia grapples with COVID-19, according to the Centre for Social Impact (CSI).

  • Slithering to extinction

    Open Forum     |      September 10, 2020

    At least 11 species of snakes and lizards are likely to become extinct by 2040 unless conservation action is stepped up, with around 20 snakes and lizards also at risk of extinction.

  • The human predicament – Towards a holistic solution

    Mark Nicol     |      September 9, 2020

    Reconciling the wisdom of religion, philosophy and science in pursuit of a sustainable future is no easy task, but stripping the illusions we comfort ourselves with can at least help us squarely face the challenges ahead.

  • Engaging culturally diverse communities during COVID-19

    Nicole Butcher Bishop     |      September 6, 2020

    The COVID-19 response in Victoria, Australia needs a stronger focus on working with poorer and culturally and linguistically diverse communities to contain the virus and allow the lifting of lockdowns.

  • Inequality was rising before COVID-19

    Belinda Henwood     |      September 2, 2020

    The UNSW Social Policy Research Centre and the Australian Council of Social Services have released a new analysis of inequality in Australia pre-COVID-19, providing a baseline to measure the impact of the pandemic on income and wealth inequality.

  • Plays well with others

    Melissa Conley Tyler     |      August 26, 2020

    Like all countries, Australia doesn’t always live up to its highest ideals. But our sportspeople can help us strive to be our best – and show the better face of Australia to the world.

  • Beyond the constant growth economy

    Mark Nicol     |      August 22, 2020

    A conscious policy of global depopulation may be the only way to ensure a sustainable human future, in partnership with a radical retooling of the economy to preserve, rather than consume, the Earth’s resources.

  • A sporting chance for liberty

    Max Thomas     |      August 20, 2020

    The over-regulation of Australian Rules football is an example of the nanny state nature of Australia itself. Simplifying the rules of sport and life, rather than adding to them, might produce better outcomes for us all.

  • Toys for the boys: White men’s business at the War Memorial

    Karen Brooks     |      August 20, 2020

    The National Gallery of Australia has slashed its annual acquisitions from 3000 pieces a year to 100 and other core institutions are struggling, but there is no shortage of funding for the Australian War Memorial to present a very ‘Aussie’ view of history.

  • Make room for the future

    Mark Nicol     |      August 18, 2020

    The economic, social and environmental problems today share the same root cause of over-population, and only a steady reduction in the global population will offer hope of a sustainable future.