• America will forget Trump

    Geoffrey Barker     |      November 21, 2020

    Donald Trump’s stubborn refusal to accept defeat in the US presidential election is alarming observers of American politics, but once out of office he will soon be forgotten, like many such figures before him.

  • What do employees value in the age of COVID-19?

    Craig Donaldson     |      November 17, 2020

    There are a number of important lessons for leaders who are looking to maximise productivity and engagement with employees who work from home.

  • A vision of hope: The church of native divinity

    Mark Nicol     |      November 5, 2020

    The disciplined practise of rational science has given modern man technological domination of the planet, but it may take a new reverence for life itself for our species to ensure a sustainable future.

  • Tackling the scandal of forced marriage

    Laura Vidal     |      October 27, 2020

    There were 223 cases relating to human trafficking and slavery offences reported to the Australian Federal Police in 2019, 92 involved a forced marriage and over half these victims were under 18. The killing of 20-year-old Ruqia Haidari in Perth at the hands of her husband of two months underlines the need for a tougher response.

  • Digital inclusion report warns of COVID impact

    Open Forum     |      October 25, 2020

    The 2020 Australian Digital Inclusion Index shows that a high level of digital inequality persists in Australia with many groups continuing to miss out on the benefits of being online.

  • Domestic violence programs are failing women

    Lillian Andrews     |      October 24, 2020

    However well-intentioned, violence prevention efforts are often entirely ineffective, failing to protect the victims they are designed to help.

  • Cathy Freeman, Jemma Mi Mi and the delusion of inclusion

    Jim McKay     |      October 21, 2020

    The recent ABC TV documentary about Olympian Cathy Freeman allowed the champion runner to tell her own story and raise some unsettling questions about the continuing extent of racism in this country.

  • Extra care spending would almost pay for itself

    Janine Dixon     |      October 20, 2020

    Extra spending on childcare, aged care and disability care would produce an bigger bang for the buck than most of the extra spending announced in the budget, as well as producing better outcomes for women.

  • Doing democracy better

    Open Forum     |      October 15, 2020

    University of Canberra researchers from the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance have received a funding boost to monitor “deliberative integrity”, a project which could prove crucial for Australian democracy.

  • The Female Eunuch at 50

    Camilla Nelson     |      October 11, 2020

    Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch changed lives. Published 50 years ago in October 1970, it exists in the popular imagination as a kind of shorthand for that world-historic moment when women said they’d had enough.

  • Trump, and the fracturing of the West

    Mark Nicol     |      October 7, 2020

    Western culture is a product of myriad influences, forces and ideas, and though assailed by internal critics and foreign foes, it has stood the test of time,. Donald Trump has posed as its defender, but he has failed to appreciate, let alone meet, its latest, and perhaps greatest, challenge.

  • Connecting with communities

    Rebecca Powell     |      October 6, 2020

    Organisations need to optimise the use of digital platforms during and post-COVID-19 to stay connected and engaged with culturally and linguistically-diverse communities.