• Helping our island neighbours into space

    Open Forum     |      June 24, 2021

    Involving Pacific Island Nations in Australia and New Zealand’s fast evolving space activities could open income streams and contribute to the fight against climate change.

  • Jump for joy

    Taren Sanders     |      June 23, 2021

    Despite the nation’s sporty reputation, Australian children are some of the least active in the world but a cheap new school program may encourage them off the couch and into action.

  • Private life dramas

    Alan Stevenson     |      June 22, 2021

    Commentators talk about individual privacy as if it is a sacred right which has to be protected but most people have few qualms concerning which organisations access their personal data.

  • The moral maze

    Alan Stevenson     |      June 17, 2021

    The development of scientific techniques can outpace the legal and ethical boundaries society sets to control them. Where should the line be drawn between the common good and personal rights?

  • Turning the page on China

    Michael Shoebridge     |      June 11, 2021

    This weekend’s G7 leaders’ summit in Cornwall could mark a turning point in the free world’s response to China, replacing a bilateral economic approach with a united strategic vision.

  • The best of times, the worst of times

    Frank Bongiorno     |      June 9, 2021

    Public trust in government increased during the COVID crisis, but the jury is out on whether Coalition support will fall due to bungles in the vaccine rollout.

  • The start of a new space age

    Rebecca Shrimpton     |      June 8, 2021

    Australians can take pride in their contribution to the first space age in the second half of the 20th century, but effort is needed if we are to optimise our position in this new era.

  • Batteries included

    Open Forum     |      June 6, 2021

    Community-scale batteries are already achievable in Australia, will complement existing household batteries and will allow more solar energy to be stored in our suburbs, according to analysis from The Australian National University.   

  • The case for dedicated quarantine facilities

    Lachlan Gilbert     |      June 5, 2021

    The Federal government has just announced it will help fund the building of a quarantine facility in Victoria, and UNSW academics wonder why it has taken this long.

  • The power of indigenous data

    James Rose     |      May 27, 2021

    Government has recognised the importance of Indigenous Data to Closing the Gap, but datasets need to be community-driven and owned if they are to be most effective.

  • (Not) closing the gap

    Open Forum     |      May 25, 2021

    Gaping policy shortfalls in the Australian Government’s ‘Closing the Gap’ program have seen it fail to reduce disparities in Indigenous health, income, employment, child removal and incarceration, Flinders University researchers say.

  • Building on reforms to aged care

    Julia Sarant     |      May 22, 2021

    The Federal budget is a promising step in the right direction, but more is needed to achieve the high standard of aged care Australia has the capacity to provide, and older Australians deserve.