• Early childhood learning through lockdown

    Anita Kumar     |      August 11, 2021

    Long COVID lockdowns affect children at all stages of the education spectrum, but the Early Start Discovery Space team offers an online program providing high-quality, evidence based early childhood education activities delivered direct to families at home via Zoom.

  • Sustainability and resilience in times of crisis: Understanding Western Sydney’s disadvantage

    Khandakar Al Farid Uddin     |      August 10, 2021

    Disadvantaged Western Sydney communities require evidence-based, long-term, and inclusive strategies to improve their education, health and economic outcomes.

  • Cult is just a four letter word

    Mathew Schmalz     |      August 8, 2021

    It is tempting to use words like cult or cult leader when talking about a group or a person we don’t like or can’t understand, but when people hear the word, discussion often ends before any study has begun.

  • Cause for concern over the BNPL boom

    Drew Mackey     |      August 4, 2021

    “Buy-now, pay-later” schemes can offer convenience to customers, but can also lure people into spiraling debt, as BNPL providers are not subject to responsible lending and financial-hardship obligations and there is no requirement on them to consider the income or existing debt of customers.

  • Why uncertainty makes us change our behaviour

    Sherry Landow     |      August 1, 2021

    Uncertainty affects people’s behaviour in unpredictable ways. Stocking up on toilet paper – bizarre as it appeared, for example – helped many people regain a sense of control at the start of the pandemic.

  • Tabi on racial matters: Your bias training doesn’t fix systemic inequalities

    Gloria Tabi     |      July 29, 2021

    Bias training in Australian organisations is usually carried out by people with no experience of personal marginalisation and does nothing to overcome broader structural inequalities.

  • Higher, stronger, dirtier?

    Jason Mazanov     |      July 22, 2021

    Another Olympics is upon us, delayed for a year due to COVID-19. Amid the joy of participation, there remains inevitable speculation around the doping scandals which have dogged international sport for over half a century.

  • The devil is in the details

    Philip Almond     |      July 17, 2021

    The Devil personifies the “evil” within all of us, and so always has new domains, new territories, and new borders in which he “walks about, as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour”.

  • The global scourge of ransomware

    Rachael Falk     |      July 15, 2021

    The ongoing ransomware attacks that continue to strike unabated around the world must act as a red flag. And, because we’ve been warned, we need a plan to deal with them.

  • Believe in tomorrow

    Alan Stevenson     |      July 15, 2021

    Many things which once appeared impossible are now commonplace. Despite the many challenges with which we are faced, we should have faith that humanity can take a great leap forward to triumph over them – and our self doubts.

  • Protecting Australia – and what makes us Australian

    John Coyne     |      July 15, 2021

    Dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic threatens to further fracture and fragment our understanding of civil liberties and national security and how to protect them both.

  • Health v the economy is a false dichotomy

    Open Forum     |      July 10, 2021

    While the health of the economy and the population are often pitted against each other, most economists agree that lockdowns are the best option when tackling a serious COVID outbreak.