• How health checks pick up problems for the over-40s

    Open Forum     |      July 4, 2019

    Seeing a health professional for a full health screening – even when you feel healthy – from around age 40 enables people to make changes when problems first start to occur.

  • HR is failing workers with intellectual disabilities

    Open Forum     |      July 3, 2019

    Experts are calling for a major rethink of how businesses manage workers with intellectual disabilities, with new research showing they’re often left behind in the workplace.

  • Turning English up to 11

    Kate Burridge     |      June 25, 2019

    Superlatives come and go in the English language, often coined by each new young generation in turn.

  • Slow decline or a brighter future? Shaping Australia’s national outlook

    James Deverell     |      June 19, 2019

    Boosting Australia’s future prosperity will require bold action on a number of fronts and a deliberate commitment to careful and considered long-term thinking, according to a new CSIRO report.

  • Defining the power of public interest journalism

    Jay Thompson     |      June 16, 2019

    The recent police raids on Australian journalists are a cause of concern for many, but they also highlight the far-reaching impact of public interest journalism.

  • The worrying decline of Australian civil liberties

    Johan Lidberg     |      June 12, 2019

    The recent police raids on the ABC and News Corp go beyond questions of free speech and media freedom – they’re further proof of Australia’s wider democratic decline.

  • What history can really teach us

    Mark Edele     |      June 9, 2019

    History is too intricate to teach simple lessons, but knowing your history is key to understanding the complexities of the present.

  • Ken Wyatt and the challenge ahead

    Eddie Synot     |      June 3, 2019

    While the new minister for Indigenous Australians has the chance to make a real difference, unrealistic expectations should be tempered as real change will take an effort from not just the whole government, but the entire nation.

  • Remembering Pacific islanders in regional resettlement schemes

    Makiko Nishitani     |      May 28, 2019

    A greater focus on the well-established migrant populations and second-generation youth is crucial when planning for the social and economic well-being of rural and regional areas.

  • Immigration isn’t the problem – or the solution

    Graciela Metternicht     |      May 26, 2019

    Immigration is neither the problem nor solution in many areas where Australia is off-track, from government debt to environmental action.

  • Mighty oaks from little acorns grow: The success story of Bio21

    Robert Crompton     |      May 20, 2019

    The Bio21 Hub was established in 1998 through a collaboration between Melbourne University Science Departments and Research Institutes including the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.  This 20 year relationship has now led to break-through commercialisation of cancer research in partnership with major pharmaceutical companies.

  • Anywhere v somewhere = nowhere

    Paul Dibb     |      May 19, 2019

    A growing schism between educated, affluent ‘anywhere’s and the ‘somewhere’s left behind by the rapid pace of change are weakening the West and encourage the ambitions of authoritarian competitors.