• How we’ve changed in 20 years

    Andrew Trounson     |      December 8, 2021

    The HILDA Survey is into its 20th year and shows a changing and generally well-functioning society but also reveals growing pressure points.

  • New hub supports female leaders

    Belinda Henwood     |      December 7, 2021

    The Women’s Leadership Knowledge Hub provides access to training and research opportunities, and government and industry collaborations.

  • Freedom to discriminate?

    Dawn Lo     |      December 3, 2021

    Plans by the Federal government protect people against discrimination based on their religious belief may do more harm than good.

  • Get back to 50 years ago

    David McCooey     |      November 28, 2021

    The Beatles’ Get Back project, begun in January 1969, has finally been completed with the release of Peter Jackson’s epic documentary.

  • The story of the gun

    Dawn Lo     |      November 26, 2021

    Homicide law and ballistics experts discuss why the tragic fatal accident on the set of the film ‘Rust’ is an urgent call for action for tighter safety protocols in Hollywood.

  • Facts, faith and the future

    Alan Stevenson     |      November 21, 2021

    Scientific fact, rather than religion faith, should motivate decision making in the face of growing challenges.

  • Strong men on and off the field

    Jessie Moritz     |      November 20, 2021

    Saudi Arabia seeks to play an increasingly visible role in European football but the purchase of Newcastle United Football Club reflects the wider trend of authoritarian governments investing in international sports.

  • Alone together

    Open Forum     |      November 19, 2021

    While public trust in government and the police increased during the pandemic, the damage done to our social connections during prolonged lockdowns left us lonelier than ever.

  • Pets, apartments and you

    Dawn Lo     |      November 5, 2021

    Strata law and tenancy law experts explain how the end of the blanket ban on pets in strata in New South Wales affects pet ownership.

  • Welcome to the “new normal”

    Emi Berry     |      November 3, 2021

    A panel of world-class experts discuss what the future looks like as we prepare to live with COVID-19.

  • Young people need more support than ever, but COVID-19 is also crushing youth workers

    Ben Lohmeyer     |      October 30, 2021

    Young people have been among the worst hit during COVID-19, and we won’t know the full impact of the pandemic on their mental health, social connections and life prospects for some time. Yet during this critical time, youth work has also taken a hit.

  • Breaking the cycle of dependency

    Sarah Dahmann     |      October 25, 2021

    Despite strong economic growth and a targeted income support system, inequality in Australia has crept up over the past three decades. This is a societal problem in itself, but it gets compounded by the fact that disadvantage is also passed down across generations.