• On bias

    Alan Stevenson     |      March 31, 2021

    We all need to learn to recognise our own bias and learn about other people, their ways of life, their beliefs, their ways of doing things. Only then can we live together in harmony.

  • Australia can hold nations to account on women’s rights

    Jacqui True     |      March 28, 2021

    International Women’s Day symbolises the ongoing journey towards eliminating all forms of discrimination against women and girls. But in celebrating the progress in women’s rights, we must recognise the institutions that have pushed for gender equality on an international scale.

  • After the deluge

    Max Thomas     |      March 26, 2021

    The impact of recent floods in NSW have shown how landscape changes induced by natural events, climate change and human activity affect water quality and make water supplies for our fast growing cities less reliable.

  • Is temporary the new permanent?

    Helen Rowe     |      March 21, 2021

    The pandemic has been the catalyst for urban experiments that have opened our eyes to new possibilities.

  • Women are right to protest

    Alan Stevenson     |      March 19, 2021

    The upsurge of women coming out fighting on the issue of sexual harrassment at work should not come as a surprise.

  • Green shoots of recovery

    Will Cornwell     |      March 18, 2021

    Community scientists have been photographing animals and plants in the months after the Black Summer fires. Each observation is a story of survival against the odds, or of tragedy.

  • Violence against women – What everyone needs to know

    Flavia Bellieni Zimmermann     |      March 17, 2021

    The 20th century saw unprecedented social changes which heightened women’s inclusion in public life. Jacqui True’s new book depicts the dark underbelly of gendered violence which continues to impact female emancipation.

  • Tabi on racial matters: How you could use your white privilege to create a better world

    Gloria Tabi     |      March 13, 2021

    Being white in Australia comes with certain advantages, but being aware of the problems faced by other groups can help build a more harmonious and inclusive society.

  • The next chapter, how to be productive, a personal story

    Joan Hughes     |      March 10, 2021

    The President of COTA NSW reflects on the lessons she’s learned during her long career and offers tips for staying fit, active and socially involved for older Australians.

  • Everyday ‘hacks’ to counter gender inequality

    Open Forum     |      March 9, 2021

    Whatever our age or gender, we all have a responsibility to challenge gender inequality. Yet, despite women comprising 50 per cent of the population, gender inequality remains a systemic problem, infiltrating every aspect of our society.

  • Sexual harassment allegations are an urgent test for government

    Cathy Humphreys     |      March 8, 2021

    The latest sexual assault allegations to consume Australia’s parliament is a reminder that a roadmap for legislative reform has been ‘left on the shelf’.

  • Counterpoint by Mark Nicol – Human history versus human cultural evolution

    Mark Nicol     |      March 8, 2021

    Western academies of social scientists have comprehensively failed to produce rational accounts of moral or philosophical perspective in response to the ecological crisis facing the world today.