• Sydney’s hidden housing problem

    Open Forum     |      May 7, 2019

    A new report released by the Sydney Policy Lab has found low income and vulnerable groups are being forced into informal and sometimes illegal housing arrangements, due to a lack of affordable alternatives.

  • Improving conditions in aged care

    Open Forum     |      May 6, 2019

    A new report has called for urgent reform of the working conditions in the aged care sector, which will address the shocking stories emerging from the aged care royal commission.

  • It’s high time to reform the drug laws

    Kate Seear     |      April 27, 2019

    The decriminalisation of drug possession for personal use would reduce, rather than increase, the social harm caused by drugs and should be discussed at the forthcoming federal election.

  • Australia’s north needs people and people need a resilient economy

    Paul Barnes     |      April 26, 2019

    Defence and security will always make Darwin a priority from a national perspective but, as our northernmost capital city, different ideas to make the city more economically resilient need to be supported.

  • How old ideas about tolerance can help us live more peacefully today

    Matthew Sharpe     |      April 22, 2019

    In the wake of the tragic attack in Christchurch, and the wider rise of anti-liberal forces, the answers to today’s urgent questions around tolerance may be found in the past.

  • Big tech designs its own ethics to avoid scrutiny

    David Watts     |      April 10, 2019

    The feelgood, high-level data ethics principles espoused by the tech giants do little to control their behaviour. The abuses perpetrated by “big tech” can only be addressed by proper regulation.

  • Gender equality: it’s everyone’s business

    Becky Batagol     |      April 10, 2019

    Gender equality is in everyone’s interest as it allows every citizen to fully participate in all spheres of Australian life and contribute to an inclusive and democratic society.

  • The “Disneyfication” of the AFL

    Andrew Fuller     |      April 9, 2019

    Australian Rules football is a grassroots sport, but the AFL’s increasing corporatisation is distancing the game from the fans.

  • Dear baby boomers: Australian philanthrophy needs your help

    Krystian Seibert     |      April 6, 2019

    Although Australians should be proud of the giving we do, there is clearly room for improvement and the right structures and incentives could encourage more philanthropy to benefit good causes.

  • Settling migrants in regional areas will need more than a visa to succeed

    Aleem Ali     |      April 3, 2019

    Encouraging migrants to live and work in regional areas suffering labour shortages could be a ‘win-win’ scenario for all concerned, but policy makers will have to pay attention to five vital factors for the idea to succeed.

  • How YouTube eclipsed Hollywood

    Open Forum     |      April 1, 2019

    Hollywood’s power as a global entertainment machine is far from dead and buried but it has been knocked for a six by the extraordinary rise of social media entertainment over the past 10 years.

  • The budget should help families share the load

    Barbara Broadway     |      March 31, 2019

    More family-friendly policies in this year’s Budget could help deliver individual, economic and social rewards for everyone.