• Families need homes to thrive

    Paul Dalziel     |      June 21, 2023

    Economies can grow in ways that leave large numbers of families unable to access good housing or decent work, and a new approach is needed to ensure the economy benefits everyone in a nation.

  • Six economic myths for “wellbeing” economies to tackle

    Paul Sutton     |      June 16, 2023

    Business and society must pivot toward a new purpose of shared wellbeing on a healthy planet, but a major transformation of our world view, society and economy will be required.

  • Tackling childhood adversity

    Open Forum     |      June 14, 2023

    More than half of children in Australia will face adversity by the age of 11 and are up to 10 times more likely to have long term health problems than their peers, according to researchers.

  • From the welfare state to the wellbeing state

    Mark Fabian     |      June 7, 2023

    Developed economies have largely tackled poverty, disease, ignorance, hygiene and idleness. It’s time for a new approach to maximise wellbeing.

  • An economy for everyone

    Katherine Trebeck     |      June 6, 2023

    A transition to an economy that benefits everyone, rather than merely serving the interests of the rich, will not be easy, but it is possible.

  • Protecting whistleblowers

    Richard Murray     |      May 31, 2023

    There are few practical legal protections for Australian “whistleblowers” meaning corporations and agencies are more likely to gamble on breaking the law, exploiting their power and burying their mistakes.

  • Putin the pariah

    Henry Campbell     |      May 28, 2023

    The scale of Putin’s miscalculation in invading Ukraine defies rational comprehension. The war has left Russia a pariah state in an increasingly desperate position.

  • The kids aren’t all right

    Nadishka Weerasuriya     |      May 25, 2023

    A survey of 1,243 Year 11 students from 39 schools across Eastern Australia raises some worrying questions about teenagers’ mental health.

  • Smooth sailing or choppy waters?

    Joanne Wallis     |      May 22, 2023

    Australia, New Zealand and the US are working hard to build trust and demonstrate their reliability to their Pacific partners, but much work remains to be done.

  • Give gambling ads the boot from sport

    Charles Livingstone     |      May 20, 2023

    Society gained from removing tobacco advertising from our TV screens and billboards and we should treat the pernicious and ubiquitous gambling adverts which have infected sport just the same.

  • Down in the dumps

    Kate Lycett     |      May 12, 2023

    Australians’ satisfaction with life as a whole is at its lowest level in 21 years, according to the latest Australian Unity Wellbeing Index survey.

  • Make room, make room!

    Open Forum     |      May 12, 2023

    Successive Australian governments have used high levels of immigration to artificially inflate growth figures and create demand in the economy, but the influx of hundreds of thousands of people a year into Australia’s cities has contributed to the housing, schooling and congestion crisis now affecting all Australians.