• Australia takes the scenic route back to normality

    ANU Editorial Board     |      October 7, 2021

    As Australia emerges from the COVID pandemic, it must now face new challenges in terms of climate change and economic renewal.

  • How social norms drive positive changes

    Open Forum     |      October 1, 2021

    New Curtin research has shed light on why people adopt social norms or conventions, such as hand shaking versus fist bumping, walking on the left or right side of a footpath, or using metric or imperial measurements, by employing mathematical modelling of human behaviours and decision-making.

  • The ghost of pandemics past

    Ben Knight     |      October 1, 2021

    How do responses to infectious diseases throughout history stack up to the measures being taken today against the delta strain of coronavirus?

  • Taking children into account

    Noam Peleg     |      September 30, 2021

    Government responses to COVID-19 have an overwhelming effect on almost every aspect of children’s lives and rights, with school closures being the most visible and significant impact on school-aged children, and their families.

  • China crisis

    Robert Wihtol     |      September 30, 2021

    Could Xi Jinping be toppled by a coup d’état? In China coup, Roger Garside describes precisely such a scenario.

  • The Quad stands firm against China

    Lavina Lee     |      September 27, 2021

    The “Quad” alliance of Australia, the USA, India and Japan has become a genuine democratic bulwark against Chinese expansionism and is increasingly forcing Beijing to recalculate the costs of its aggressive stance against its neighbours.

  • The gen-Y democracy gap

    Johanna Wyn     |      September 27, 2021

    New research finds there’s democracy gap for young Australian adults, with a distrust of traditional politics but a focus on civic mindedness.

  • The pandemic’s effects on social cohesion

    Nicholas Biddle     |      September 27, 2021

    Over the course of the pandemic, there’s been an increase in many aspects of social cohesion, but this boost may be slipping as lockdowns drag on. Here’s how researchers measure social cohesion, and why.

  • A higher pension age will reduce volunteering

    Open Forum     |      September 22, 2021

    Every year about 6 million Australian volunteers chip in more than 500 million hours of unpaid labour but raising the retirement age will reduce people’s ability to contribute their free time and efforts, a Flinders University study warns.

  • Hysterical history

    Evan Smith     |      September 16, 2021

    A long running Twitter thread has unearthed hundreds of unexpected facts and insights from the nation’s academics and historians.

  • Australia needs a diaspora census

    Stewart Nixon     |      September 16, 2021

    Developing a census-equivalent for the Australian diaspora would help reinforce inclusive citizenship and provide a vital input to future diaspora engagement policies.

  • Coping with uncertainty

    Sarah Wayland     |      September 15, 2021

    COVID-19, and the measures taken to contain it, have overturned many social norms and there remains great uncertainty over the impact of opening up.