• The future of religious education in Australia

    Dr Anna Halafoff     |      March 27, 2013

    As the cultural fabric of Australian society becomes increasingly varied, Centre of Citizenship and Globalisation Research Fellow, Dr Anna Halafoff, examines why education about diverse religions and spiritual beliefs in Australia’s state schools is lagging far behind other nations.

  • Autism Awareness Month

    Open Forum     |      March 22, 2013

    April is Autism Awareness Month – a time when Autism Associations and people around the world raise their voices together for Autism awareness. On World Autism Awareness Day, Tuesday 2 April 2013, iconic buildings across Australia and the world will 'Light It Up Blue' for the entire month of April to promote autism awareness.

  • Harmony Day: Many Stories – One Australia

    Senator Kate Lundy     |      March 20, 2013

    On Harmony Day, Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Senator Kate Lundy, explains the genesis of the initiative and shares how this year’s theme celebrates Australia’s diversity.

  • National apology for forced adoption – an important step for healing

    Nikki Hartmann     |      March 20, 2013

    In the lead up to the National Adoption Apology, social justice advocate, Nikki Hartmann, explains the importance of breaking the decades-long silence surrounding past forced adoption practices and acknowledging the lasting grief experienced by countless men, women and children.

  • Australian students need improved parental engagement

    Lance Emerson     |      March 14, 2013

    Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth CEO, Dr Lance Emerson, discusses the latest evidence-based report on the wellbeing of young Australians and outlines the necessary strategies to improve our educational performance on a global scale.

  • We need a pope who can handle the truth

    Fr. Brian Lucas     |      March 13, 2013

    As the papal conclave prepares to elect a new pontiff for the Catholic Church, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference General Secretary, Fr. Brian Lucas, shares his thoughts on what it takes to be a good leader and a great pontificate.

  • Grateful in April

    Open Forum     |      March 10, 2013

    Grateful in April is a global campaign to get people focused on feeling good about what they’ve already got in their lives. Grateful is April has been created by m.a.d.woman founder Melina Schamroth to encourage people to feel great about themselves no matter what circumstances they are facing.

  • The power of women

    Natalie Isaacs     |      March 7, 2013

    1Million Women founder and CEO, Natalie Isaacs, shares her journey in becoming a climate change crusader and tells how women, as a united force, can change the world.

  • A game of sexual politics

    Yolanda Vega     |      March 6, 2013

    In the lead up to International Women’s Day, Australian Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry CEO, Yolanda Vega, examines why sexual politics continue to dominate Australia’s social agenda and mistakenly cast men as our sole power brokers.

  • The gender agenda – a glass half empty?

    Diann Rodgers-Healy     |      March 5, 2013

    In the lead up to International Women’s Day, Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey, Director of the Australian Centre for Leadership for Women, reflects on just how much the gender agenda has evolved and whether we’re taking the necessary steps towards gender equality.

  • Teachers (aides) make a difference

    Rosemary Bugge     |      March 4, 2013

    Learning Support Officer, Rosemary Bugge, shares her experience working in the Catholic education system for more than 10 years and reflects on the systemic changes that have taken place, both in and out of the classroom.

  • How policy makers fail students living with disabilty

    Theresa Duncombe     |      March 1, 2013

    Assessing recent education reforms throughout the country, disability advocate, Theresa Duncombe, shares her experience as a mother of a child living with intellectual disability and the constant struggle in campaigning for equal education opportunities.