• By their works we shall know them

    Macy Huston     |      October 23, 2022

    Intelligent alien life in our galaxy could reveal itself in many ways, including polluted planet atmospheres, electro-magnetic signals or vast solar spanning megastructures.

  • The star caught in a spider’s web

    Open Forum     |      October 15, 2022

    A bizarre image of the distant star known as WR140 surrounded by concentric geometric ripples, captured by the James Webb Space Telescope in July, is – unfortunately – not an alien megastructure.

  • Playing asteroids with asteroids

    Svetla Ben-Itzhak     |      September 26, 2022

    NASA aims to complete the world’s first full-scale planetary defense mission on September 26 to test the concept of deflecting asteroids on collision course with Earth.

  • In search of super-earths

    Chris Impey     |      September 21, 2022

    Super-sized Earth-like planets are much easier to spot in other solar systems than planets our own size, and may prove more common and more habitable than Earth itself.

  • Law in a vacuum

    Melissa de Zwart     |      September 17, 2022

    While international space law has served us well since the 1960s, there are gaps and uncertainties which have been filled by non-binding principles. It is time to consider more detailed and nuanced rules for the responsible governance of outer space.

  • Mining the Moon

    Rossana Deplano     |      September 12, 2022

    The Artemis Accords support the use of space resources on a first come, first served basis and could herald the start of space mining on asteroids and the Moon.

  • Drake’s space odyssey

    David Rothery     |      September 8, 2022

    The equation coined by American astronomer Frank Drake, who died recently, continues to inform our calculations for the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in our galaxy.

  • Space needs a vacuum

    Wendy Whitman Cobb     |      September 5, 2022

    While space wreckage hits the headlines when it lands on Earth, we should be more concerned about the debris that remains in orbit.

  • Back to the Moon

    Gareth Dorrian     |      August 29, 2022

    If all goes well, NASA’s Artemis project put humans back on the Moon in 2025.

  • Voyage to the stars

    Alice Gorman     |      August 22, 2022

    The two Voyager spacecraft left on their eternal journey through the solar system to the stars fifty years ago, but may still survive, in vestigial form, five billion years from now.

  • How commercial satellites are helping Ukraine

    Open Forum     |      August 18, 2022

    Satellites owned by private companies have played an important role in the war in Ukraine, exposing Russian lies and atrocities and helping the defenders repel the invaders.

  • Planning Earth’s defence against cosmic objects

    Svetla Ben-Itzhak     |      August 6, 2022

    A large asteroid or comet on track for Earth would be a global threat and it would require national and international efforts to stop it.