• Putin’s MAD option

    John Storey     |      March 7, 2022

    Russia’s massive nuclear arsenal, and Putin’s professed willingness to use them, has stayed the West’s hand in helping Ukraine, but an increasingly crazed Putin might use them against Kiev, knowing the West might not respond.

  • Europe turns blue and gold for Ukraine

    Colin Chapman     |      March 7, 2022

    After two decades of ignoring or appeasing Vladimir Putin’s bluster and aggression, European leaders have finally faced the reality of the angry and voracious bear on their borders.

  • Help pours in for the heroes of Ukraine

    Brendan Nicholson     |      March 6, 2022

    The head of Ukraine’s diplomatic mission in Australia, Volodymyr Shalkivskyi, says military and humanitarian aid sent by friendly countries is helping Ukraine fight its Russian invaders.

  • Calls grow for NATO no-fly zone

    Christoph Bluth     |      March 6, 2022

    As Ukrainian civilians come under direct attack from Russia’s invading army and refugees pour into other central European countries, the clamour for a military response from NATO is getting louder.

  • Russia slides into the red

    David Uren     |      March 5, 2022

    While Vladimir Putin cowers in his bunker, increasingly isolated from reality and the rest of the world, the devastation his troops are wreaking on Ukraine is being equaled by the desolation and isolation of his own fiefdom as Western sanctions begin to bite.

  • Understanding Australia’s Ukraine policy

    Elizabeth Buchanan     |      March 5, 2022

    Australia has expressed its support for Ukraine in the current crisis, although we have only just begun to supply military aid. Expressing support for democratic values falls short of fighting for them, and the current war may just be a foretaste of a closer conflict to come.

  • Will Putin’s iron grip begin to slip?

    Stephen Fortescue     |      March 5, 2022

    Brutal despots such as Vladimir Putin aim to rule for life, no matter how many people they have to kill to stay in power. They can only be removed on the streets or by the elites, so will sanctions encourage the people or the oligarchs to oust him from power?

  • Words are worth something

    Michael Shoebridge     |      March 5, 2022

    The West continues to stand by and watch Russia’s desecration of Ukraine without offering direct military action, but at least the rhetoric of its leaders reflects the gravity of the situation and recognises the true nature of the threat posed by Russia.

  • Ukraine’s agony rekindles Europe’s resolve

    Matt Fitzpatrick     |      March 4, 2022

    After decades of minimal defence spending and nervously tip-toeing around Russian strategic sensitivities, nations across Europe are mobilising their forces and flocking to join NATO now the true nature of Russian intentions can no longer be denied.

  • Protests erupt in Russia against Putin’s war

    Alvina Hoffmann     |      March 4, 2022

    Thousands of protesters against Putin’s war have marched in over 50 Russian cities, despite years of blanket propaganda in state controlled media and sweeping arrests of those brave enough to raise their voice against Putin’s regime.

  • Russia’s cyber-assault is a warning to Australia

    Neil Martin     |      March 4, 2022

    Russia’s savage assault on Ukraine began long before the first tanks rolled in, as 21st century battles are now being fought in cyberspace, as well as with missiles on land, sea and air.

  • Putin’s desperate nuclear gamble

    Rod Lyon     |      March 3, 2022

    Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons in return for a worthless guarrantee from the USA and Russia of its independence and freedom. Now, as Putin’s aggression rebounds against him, the Russian dictator is playing the nuclear card to bully the civilised world.