• A brief history of sanctions

    Tyler Kustra     |      January 29, 2022

    Economic and diplomatic sanctions against other nations have been used in lieu of war for many centuries, although their effectiveness in curbing the excesses of others is mixed.

  • Last chance saloon

    Peter Jennings     |      January 28, 2022

    Russian dictator Vladimir Putin remains intent on invading Ukraine, but offering him a way out without losing face, while underlining the high price of war could still avert conflict.

  • The west must stand up for Ukraine

    Marko Pavlyshyn     |      January 27, 2022

    The West needs to stand up against Putin’s bullying of Ukraine and show determination, unity, and a serious commitment to uphold international legal norms and defend freedom and democracy against Russia’s authoritarian and neo-imperial designs.

  • Understanding Putin’s threat to Ukraine

    Tatsiana Kulakevich     |      January 25, 2022

    Vladimir Putin’s military build-up on the Ukraine border threatens to plunge Europe into a wider war, and appeasement or acquiescence will only bolster his dreams of restoring the Soviet empire.