• What the West should do now

    Stefan Wolff     |      February 25, 2022

    The west sat by and did little when Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 and annexed Crimea in 2014 but the full-scale invasion of Ukraine currently underway in pursuit of Putin’s crazed imperial ambitions is impossible to ignore.

  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine deals another blow to the rules-based order

    Daniel Steedman     |      February 24, 2022

    Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, and China’s growing menace to Taiwan and the South China Sea, pose a threat to the democratic world order which the USA, Europe and their allies appear both powerless and unwilling to confront.

  • Why Russia’s invasion flouts international law

    Rowan Nicholson     |      February 24, 2022

    The world confronts a Russia crisis – rather than a Ukraine crisis – given Vladimir Putin’s delusions of rebuilding the Soviet Empire. Russia perverts the language of international law in order to flout it, and continues its descent into a pariah state, rather than living in peace with its neighbours.

  • Putin’s tanks roll into Ukraine

    Stefan Wolff     |      February 23, 2022

    The Russian dictator’s de-facto annexation of yet more Ukrainian territory in the name of absorbing more ethnic Russians into his empire recalls Adolf Hitler’s insidious assimilation of neighbouring states before the start of the Second World War.

  • Three scenarios for war in Ukraine

    David Galbreath     |      February 19, 2022

    A failure by the west to confront and repel hostile Russian action in Ukraine would have serious repercussions for the future of Europe.

  • Putin rolls the dice for war

    Daniel Steedman     |      February 18, 2022

    Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons after it won its freedom from the Soviet Union in return for Russia respecting its independence – an agreement Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is now flagrantly disregarding as he inches ever closer to plunging the world into war in an effort to shore up his authoritarian regime.

  • Will sanctions stop Russia?

    David Uren     |      February 10, 2022

    While the process of imposing economic sanctions is firmly institutionalised in the US and increasingly so in other Western nations, there’s little empirical research into their effectiveness.

  • Russia looks beyond Ukraine to the Asia-Pacific

    Elizabeth Buchanan     |      February 7, 2022

    The ongoing European security crisis is much bigger than Ukraine as Russia continues to expand its malign and bullying influence in the Asia-Pacific as well as intimidate and invade its fearful neighbours.

  • Russia’s secret war against Ukraine

    David Kilcullen     |      February 6, 2022

    The risks of all out combat with the West over Ukraine may stay Russia’s hand, but its tactics of hybrid warfare to extend its power and influence – as employed by China in Asia – are already underway.

  • Ukraine’s long fight for freedom

    Olga Boichak     |      February 5, 2022

    Ukrainians do not want democracy because they are being “subverted” by the West, as Russia claims. Ukrainians want freedom because they are proud of living in a sovereign state, rather than an imperial Russian borderland.

  • Shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine

    Dmytro Kuleba     |      February 4, 2022

    Australia should maintain solidarity with Ukraine and the wider democratic world in efforts to deter Russia from launching a new attack.

  • Beyond Ukraine: Three security challenges that must set Biden’s agenda

    James Arvanitakis     |      January 31, 2022

    While the dark shadow of Russia looms over Ukraine, US President Joe Biden must also keep in mind a wider range of internal, external and existential challenges at home and abroad.