• A warning from history

    Darius von Güttner     |      April 12, 2022

    The atrocities committed in Bucha and elsewhere in Ukraine by Russian troops on helpless Ukrainian civilians recall the horrific memories of the Katyn massacre of 20,000 Polish officers and decades of Soviet lies and denials.

  • Sounds like teen spirit

    Alexander Motyl     |      April 11, 2022

    While teenagers in Australia fret about school and friends, their peers in Ukraine face an army of thugs determined to destroy them, but despite the threat to their lives and nation they retain their hopes and good humour for the future.

  • 7 lessons from Ukraine

    Michael Shoebridge     |      April 10, 2022

    While the West seemed content to leave Ukraine to Putin’s wolves, spirited resistance and agile tactics have slowed and reversed the Russian advance, building momentum for increased international support and offering lessons for Australia’s armed forces.

  • Tanks for the memories

    Clive Williams     |      April 10, 2022

    Russian military power rests on indiscriminate brute force deployed against civilian targets by tanks and artillery, but the success of Ukrainian fighters armed with modern drones and anti-tank missiles may be a nail in the coffin of tanks in modern warfare.

  • When good men do nothing

    Colin Chapman     |      April 10, 2022

    Russia’s vile atrocities against Ukrainian civilians is deliberate and systematic, and yet even the horrors of Bucha are not enough to stir the West into full scale economic and military action against Putin’s terrorist regime.

  • No more hand wringing, fight for Ukraine

    Anastasiia Kudlenko     |      April 9, 2022

    Two decades of Western weakness and appeasement did nothing but enable the brutality unleashed by Russia in Ukraine. Now Russia has chosen war, we should give them one to remember.

  • I am not a beauty for you

    Mia Bloom     |      April 9, 2022

    Rape is not a new weapon in warfare – or Russian army history – and the gang rapes, torture and mass killing of civilians in Ukraine by Russia troops will continue until Putin’s hordes are stopped by force.

  • Russia’s support is fed by grade Z propaganda

    Anton Oleinik     |      April 9, 2022

    Despite a handful of brave protestors, the Russian people overwhelmingly support Putin’s ‘Special Military Operation’ in Ukraine and swallow the ludicrous narratives and alternative facts peddled by compliant media.

  • Katyn 2.0

    Tomas Sniegon     |      April 8, 2022

    Russia’s horrific string of atrocities across Ukraine and the barefaced lies of propagandists to deny responsibility evoke memories of another time Russia invaded a neighbour, murdered thousands of captives, then threw the blame on others.

  • Barbaric acts feed filthy lies

    Matthew Sussex     |      April 7, 2022

    We should not be surprised that a brutal dictatorial regime which will invade its peaceful neighbour and murder its civilians in the face of global outrage has no qualms about lying about it too.

  • Welcome to the hell

    Amy Lieberman     |      April 6, 2022

    Hundreds of murdered civilians have been found by Ukrainian forces, bound and shot in the back of the head by the retreating Russian invaders, but still the West offers only words rather than action to hold Putin to account for his crimes.

  • If the cap fits

    Alexander Motyl     |      April 5, 2022

    The epithet ‘fascist’ is often thrown as a generalised political insult, but when Russia invaded Ukraine, its leader was immediately labeled “fascist” by Ukrainians and others and for once that label fits.